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SAIC based VW Santana MPV Prototype

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I found information on the Net that Shanghai-VW developed an MPV version of Santana, probably in the 80'.

Does anyone know the car's name or have any additional pictures or info about it?


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Heres what Erik told me about the Santana MPV.

Erik said:
The SH 7181 was a MPV built by the Shanghai Auto Research Institute on the platform of the Santana, to commerate the 40 years anniversery of the People's Republic in 1989.

It was a unique design, as VW itself made its first MPV (Sharan) in 1995.
The car was named SVW 7181, but VW protested against the use of the SVW designation, which was changed than by the Chinese into SH, and VW protested against the illegal use of the Santana platform.

There was only one prototype, I have never seen it (they told me several times that it was in repair) but they gave me some pictures. The question of the use of the Santana platform was very important, as Shanghai now had to buy Rover platforms, not allowed to use the Santana's.

In Brazil VW still produces the world-icon Kombi 1st generation. But now with engine 1.4L Flex (accepts gasoline and/or alcohol-sugar cane).
Sales of 25 units per month !!! At circa US$ 14,000.
A Kombi aqui no Brasil já está com 50 anos de produção e 54 de mercado...heheheh O unico VW com motor traseiro ainda em produção...
Shanghai-Volkswagen Santana Van

Whilst randomly drifting around the internet, I found this interesting pic of a odd Volkswagen Santana van.

Any info on whether this was a one off?
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Re: Shanghai-Volkswagen Santana Van

This is the Shanghai SH7181, developed in 1989 by the Shanghai Automotive Research Institute on the basis of the Santana. It was a bit special, as VW introduced her own mpv (the Sharan) only six years later!
Originally the car was named SVW7181 but Volkswagen objected, as they had nothing to do with the project, and they feared the Santana platform was not heavy enough to hold the 9-seat body.
It was a one-off.
Re: Shanghai-Volkswagen Santana Van

Yes, it was only a prototype.
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