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SAIC Roewe 550

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Ford pulled a shrewd move back in September when it exercised an option to purchase the rights to the Rover brand name from BMW, which meant that Chinese automaker SAIC couldn't use the brand name to sell the ex-Rover cars it had just won the rights to build. Hence, the Roewe brand was born and the 750E was unveiled soon after.

AutoExpress is now reporting that SAIC is readying a slap right back at Ford in the form of a Focus fighter for the European market.

The small family hatch will come in both three- and five-door models, and it's being developed locally in the U.K. by Ricardo 2010, an engineering firm bought by SAIC that just happens to employ a number of ex-Rover employees.
2010 was also responsible for reengineering the Roewe 750, which will go on sale in Europe later this year.

The small car is being developed using the RDX60 chassis, a still-born platform that didn't get the chance to see the light of day before Rover went bankrupt.

We find it amusing SAIC is developing a car to take on the Focus considering Ford threw a major wrench in their works by buying the rights to the Rover name at the last minute. The Rover name will likely never be commercially used by Ford, which wasn't keen on the idea of Chinese-built passenger vehicles being confused with its high-end, off-road Land Rovers.

[Source: AutoExpress]
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Def has a VW flavor, but overall a very nice and unique design - I like it!!!

I've got to say SAIC has got it together. Great job!
:thumb: Good job this time! especially the interior,it looks awsome! saic is half on the way to europe:nod:

ps: hope it will do well in the crash tests too, don't make us disappointed this time...
Nice!!! The int is outstanding! Only the front end is a little too busy for me, but much better than the generic looks of other cars.

Well done! Bring it to the US!
There seems to be some argument about that but yes, I think it is what the British press nicknamed the Roewe 450.
..looks like Nanjing may stop SAIC making this car as SAIC don't seem to have the right to use any Rover 75 components in other designs.... As I understand it the IPR's can not be transferred to other models without express permission from the owners of MGR's physical assets (which is Nanjing basically)

I hope SAIC haven't spent to much money on this as Nanjing may demand it goes to the crusher.....:lol:
The rear of the car is fantastic - the entire car has a lot of Alfa Romeo in it, which is a good thing.

Please bring it to market and the US soon.
Interesting design of boot lid - its going to collect a pool of water in the middle whenever it rains, I wonder where it will go when you open the boot?

Not sure from the picture, but maybe if you park it on an absolutely flat road then you may be OK.
Windy said:
Interesting design of boot lid - its going to collect a pool of water in the middle whenever it rains, I wonder where it will go when you open the boot?
I'd assume it has a drainage channel around the edge of the trunk opening. I don't think I've ever seen a car with a trunk that didn't have this.
In this intriguing battle between SAIC and NAC, regarding who can get the best out of what was left of the MGR fiasco, SAIC, at the present time, seem to have all the answers. Their 750 looks like a convincing face lift of the Rover 75 and the appearance of their 450 shows they are determined for their Roewe brand to succeed.

At the other end of the scale we have NAC who seem intent on sticking the MG badge on ANYTHING. :rolleyes:
Now it's the turn of the Rover Streetwise to suddenly transform itself into an MG. :nono:
Depends on how you look at this:

- NAC have a THE MOST advanced factory in China with capacity to make 200,000 cars and 250,000 engines and gearboxes. The factory can also make more models on one line than any factory in the world (allegedly)
- Roewe can make 50,000 car a year, although they seem to be struggling to make many cars at all at the moment (there's a question mark on their actual ability to make thousands of 75's without the Longbridge Robots).
- Will Brits by a fake British car from a company with a fake British Brand?
- Nanjing may be rolling out the old models but it seems that the MG ZS will be heavily changed from the old one (new sheet metal).
- The Roewe 450 looks nice but so does the Briliance Zhongua but that' rubbish. The ZS is proven technology.
- MG have redesigned the K series so it stops blowing head gaskets and is Euro 4 compliant. The Roewe is the old engine completley unchanged.
- MG have their own Diesels close to production. Where will Roewe's come from?
- MG ZT LWB is longer AND significantly lighter than the stretched Roewe version. Why? Remember the ZT LWB was designed and engineered in Britain. Are you still confident in a crash in the Roewe 750?
- MG's will all be NCAP tested. What about the Roewe's?
- New Sportscar will be launched within 2 years by MG
- Range of new Austins will be launched from next year.

Scratch beneath the surface at Roewe and there are plenty of unanswered questions.....maybe that's why SAIC are considering trying to do a merger deal? Nanjing don't seem keen though....wonder why?
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