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SAIC Roewe 550

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Ford pulled a shrewd move back in September when it exercised an option to purchase the rights to the Rover brand name from BMW, which meant that Chinese automaker SAIC couldn't use the brand name to sell the ex-Rover cars it had just won the rights to build. Hence, the Roewe brand was born and the 750E was unveiled soon after.

AutoExpress is now reporting that SAIC is readying a slap right back at Ford in the form of a Focus fighter for the European market.

The small family hatch will come in both three- and five-door models, and it's being developed locally in the U.K. by Ricardo 2010, an engineering firm bought by SAIC that just happens to employ a number of ex-Rover employees.
2010 was also responsible for reengineering the Roewe 750, which will go on sale in Europe later this year.

The small car is being developed using the RDX60 chassis, a still-born platform that didn't get the chance to see the light of day before Rover went bankrupt.

We find it amusing SAIC is developing a car to take on the Focus considering Ford threw a major wrench in their works by buying the rights to the Rover name at the last minute. The Rover name will likely never be commercially used by Ford, which wasn't keen on the idea of Chinese-built passenger vehicles being confused with its high-end, off-road Land Rovers.

[Source: AutoExpress]
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it is very nice car. if SAIC can solve the process/manufacturing issues, i think the users will probably accept it.
Now in China or in the world, concept car is very nice and beautifully, but in the process of development, it may be changed due to manufacturing issue, cost issue, assembly issue. Otherwise the quality might be poor or unreliable.
Interior looks cheap. Will it even be a Roewe? could be an MG at this rate.
Wh has PC Auto covered the logo on the steering wheel? Has anybody seen these pictures at another website including the logo?
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Roewe 450 spotted on the road.

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This blockbuster will be in the market before 2008.

1.6L engine, competing with Corolla directly.

can't wait to see!!
The fact that a Chinese company can design a decent original car makes it even more shameful that the other Chinese companies persist in stealing other automakers' designs. There's no excuses anymore.
fhrblig said:
The fact that a Chinese company can design a decent original car makes it even more shameful that the other Chinese companies persist in stealing other automakers' designs. There's no excuses anymore.
This car was designed in the UK, but your post is stll valid...
heres a promo commercial for the W2

Anyone know if the W2 or Rongwei 550 is coming to the U.S.? This is a desirable car, indeed.
I wonder if this British designed car will end up being called an MG?
Saic Motor-W2/W261 will postponed to launch @ March, 2008 due to various reasons

So going to overseas needs time...
According to China Car Times the car will indeed bear the name Roewe 550. The engine beneath the hood will be 1.8 turbo. Measurements are in at (LxWxH) 4624 x 1827 x 1480mm, the wheelbase measures 2705mm.

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The car looks very classy, balanced and chique. The front reminds me of the Chrysler Sebring and the Volkswagen Passat (Magotan). So perhaps the Roewe 550 and 750 will be sold as SsangYong in Europe? I hope so, because the cars are looking very well!
Sneak preview of the interior:

And some pics from SAIC UK which was visited by several reporters recently.

They also get some official info from vice CEO of SAIC UK,
Engine: 1.8L/1.8T, 100kW-125kW, Euro IV with techs could upgrade to Euro V, possible more power engine in the future (1.6L engine also mentioned in the artile, but it's not official).

Crash Test: designed to be NCAP 5 star, they are satisfied with the test result now.

Road test completed: frigid area(Sweden), low and high temperature in mountain area(Spain), high speed(Germany)

Test nearly end focus on Chinese road circumstances: reliability test, winter test, summer test, plateau area test.
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From Global Auto Sourcing:

After its Rover75-based Roewe 750 was launched in Chinese market last March, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) started to develop its second Roewe-branded sedan--Roewe 550. The sedan is set to debut at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show this April and go on sale in June, Xinhua News Agency reports today.

Priced at 120,800 Yuan to 160,000 Yuan (US$16,575-22,099), Roewe 550 is set to compete with models like Mazda3, Honda Civic, Ford Focus and VW Sagitar. It is 4,624 mm in length, 1,827 mm in width, 1,480 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2,705 mm. The turbocharged engine could turn out a maximum of 118 kW.

"Roewe 750 absorbs the advanced Rover technology, but this car (Roewe 550) is definitely a technology innovation by SAIC on its own. It's based on a brand new platform, very different from Rover," said an unnamed SAIC official.

Roewe 550 is independently built by SAIC's technology center in Anting, the west suburbs of Shanghai. The automaker said that the center, together with its design workshops in Nanjing, Korea and UK, will develop about local brand models.

Road-test for the car has already been finished.
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