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The spyshots we called Roewe450 in is Roewe W2.
Windy post a great Chinese news link, google help me to translate it.
But don't worry, I will give key informations in human language:D

Following the successful launch vehicle family -- Roewe750, one based on control of it in complete autonomy. new platform will debut concept cars from the 2007 Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition. formally named as "W2", the platform technology and vehicle design concept will soon be listed at the end of input and output. SAIC overseas acquisition projects for the technical resources that will W2 begun to show its advantages. As one of the upcoming production concept car, W2 Rongwei SAIC is the biggest bright spot in the current Shanghai exhibition, A car show this is the closest to the concept of car consumers, in form or decoration. its new design concept and also the international level models style will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact.

( Concept car Roewe W2 will be released in Shanghai Auto Show April 22, and mass produce car based on this new platform will enter market by the end of 2007. )

W2 concept car based on the new platform, is one of China Sedan Vehicle, SAIC completely rely on their own strength, Remington Shanghai Automotive by the British Overseas Development Center (UK) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Shanghai Automotive Engineering Academy of synergy R & D, is fully representative of the Shanghai Automotive sustainable commitment to the future development of high-tech R & D capabilities and technological strength. A new platform will be at the birth of the medium-class car production in operation before the end of 2007. SAIC is platform independent models, one of the five. This intermediate sedan aimed at the next generation of new design concepts and models which show design concepts, SAIC Rongwei Intermediate cars represent the future of the innovative content understanding.

( This platform is one of the 5 SAIC's new platforms, and designed by SAIC's R&D centers in UK and Shanghai. )

W2 as one embodiment of a new concept of the new standards next intermediate sedan cars, very avant-garde design. From the exterior design, with a clear idea of the design of cars in Europe, particularly the United Kingdom. Mirrors inspiration from the design of golf club head on the 3rd Spoon. High waist line, narrow glass gives full movement, the window-line approach used up, body side is very dynamic. also very steady, solid. According to SAIC to relevant sources. TRUCK impact of the production of the vehicle in accordance with the European NCAP five-star performance to the design requirements of the collision. Face designs before the "gull wing" shape and a full and productive tension, a higher engine cover design, internal sources, To meet European pedestrian collision is the latest safety requirements.

( This car is designed to meet the requirement of NCAP 5 star. The design of front inspired from "sea-gull wings". )

W2 the most dazzling in its bold design innovations, future technology with a sense of Interior. 3D IP transparent cover the entire dashboard. iphone LED control panel which used an interactive touch screen, Construction of high-strength magnesium alloy die after making Zhongkongtai and chairs filled with texture, weight and greatly reduced the Interior.

( It will equipt with "integrated transparent 3D dashboard" and "iphone-style touch control LED".)

It is reported that in the upcoming production models will focus on energy and technology, will be applied without key ignition system. District automatic air conditioning thermostats, GPS satellite navigation, Shouziyiti transmission, six integrated active safety system The balloon so many cars equipped with the most advanced technology. At the current Shanghai Auto Show, will join SAIC Rongwei 7 car ride E1 Museum, in addition to Rongwei 750 new models, Rongwei hybrid program, This latest result of independent research and development on behalf of SAIC W2 concept vehicles will undoubtedly attract the most attention as the focus of this car show.

( It will equit with "non-key start system", "divisional air condition system", GPS, "auto/manual gearbox", "6 in 1 safety systm"- ABS/EBD/CBC/MSR/TCS/VSC, "multi-airbag" )

p.s. According to info released before, the engine of W2 will be 1.8T, 1.8L, and 1.6L

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