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chinacartimes said:
I can write the same stuff on my blog, does it make it true?
No but if an army of lawyers backed you then you would persuade more people of your case. The point is Eversheds advised Nanjing Auto that they were securing 99% of all the IPR's they wanted/ needed. SAIC has written lots of 'blogs' of their own to argue against this, but have not persuade a SINGLE lawyer to back their arguement. Why? WHY HAS NOT ONE LAWYER BACKED SAIC? NOT 1!

SAIC is arguable the Goliath of the Chinese car makers and Nanjing the David. This legal backing from a huge international law firm (who could get sued if wrong by Nanjing) have continued to back their client. SAIC should now put up or shut up. Alternatively Nanjing should consider sueing SAIC for damaging their image. The law is backing NAC and it's time for SAIC to admit the screwed up big time!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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