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An all-new Iranian sedan was unveiled by Saipa, called Roham, two days ago at the Shiraz Auto Exhibition. It was developed under the code-name SP100. The car is based on a new platform SP1 that was developed by Saipa's research/innovation wing AIRIC in conjunction with China's design/engineering consulting firm TJ Innova. Testing and technical validation was carried out by Renault-Nissan's Technology and Business Centre in India. From the front, it resembles the Mitsubishi Attrage somewhat. The engine is a 1.65-L unit (BM16) from Brilliance Auto.

Dimensions: 4460 x 1768 x 1501 mm; wheelbase 2650 mm
Weight unladen: 1260-1330 kg
Boot/trunk capacity: 420 L
Engine & transmission: 1.65 L 16V, 6-speed auto
Power & torque: 113 hp, 154 Nm

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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