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Geely - the only Chinese company having a sales increase, so even what - 103% in the past year. In 2009 brand dealers sold 7681 cars (2008god-3780). Also sold well Vortex Estina (clone Chery Fora branded TagAZ).

And now about sad. The greatest failure of the company BYD, azh -81%. In 2009, the Chinese "make dreams come true" bought the 1,001 people (5341). No better case for Great Wall is only 2490 (8324) sold cars and falling sales by 70%. Closes rating - Chery, with their minus 69% from last year. In 2009, the products of this brand selected 4914 against 15,728 in 2008. One of the reasons for withdrawal from the production of best-selling brand Amulet. The smallest drop in the brand Lifan (built by the factory, Amour) - sold 2,673 cars in 2009 against 4755 in 2008. It's minus 44 percent.

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