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Sales of Chinese cars in 2009 in Russia

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Geely - the only Chinese company having a sales increase, so even what - 103% in the past year. In 2009 brand dealers sold 7681 cars (2008god-3780). Also sold well Vortex Estina (clone Chery Fora branded TagAZ).

And now about sad. The greatest failure of the company BYD, azh -81%. In 2009, the Chinese "make dreams come true" bought the 1,001 people (5341). No better case for Great Wall is only 2490 (8324) sold cars and falling sales by 70%. Closes rating - Chery, with their minus 69% from last year. In 2009, the products of this brand selected 4914 against 15,728 in 2008. One of the reasons for withdrawal from the production of best-selling brand Amulet. The smallest drop in the brand Lifan (built by the factory, Amour) - sold 2,673 cars in 2009 against 4755 in 2008. It's minus 44 percent.

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Sad to know this. Do you think is there one more chance for Chinese cars in your country?
Chinese car sales to exceed 13 million units in 2009. But slowly the auto sales are declining in Russia.
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