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Another copy of Ford F150 Raptor - in this is producer SANY

福特150皮卡马上就要国产了! _ 卡车之家论坛

Back to this truck, I know this is a while ago, but did they ever sell something like this?

I think this is fake!
Sany replied to a comment asking "is it true or false?", saying "absolutely true".

The power was said to be a MC05, D08, 4.54 displacement, 220 horsepower, 840N.M cooperated by Sinotruk and German MAN, with 8-speed box and ZF8-speed automatic transmission.

Found an article (三一重工居然也要造皮卡!前脸神似福特F150,全新奔驰S内饰 - 楠木轩) that was published in 2021 showing these picture of a Sany truck:
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Grille

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Tire Wheel Grille Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Vehicle Car Gear shift Steering part Motor vehicle
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