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seems to be a hype in Egypt..any others?

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ive noticed that many new ppl are coming from egypt here and big fascination has growin for chinese cars in egypt seems like...
but are there any other countries like that too??

ive noticed egypt, russia and costa rica as having above avg buzzes on chinese cars
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it's not really like that, it's just that when we read in the news and magazines that they were gonna import Chinese cars everybody thought WTH, chinese cars, they must be toys....
but now that Chery and Hafei proved that they r good cars (execluding Geely) ppl r now building trust in thechinese cars
plus they have the lowest price, only Suzuki Maruti & Alto & the Kia Picanto can touch that price
thought i'd add this, Egypt has the most Mercedice cars in the whole world
i said the whole world, Germany & US r a part of the whole world, so yes even more than them
i knowit's hard o believe since we'r not a rich country, but ppl here r showoffs, the Egyptian car market is huge
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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