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seems to be a hype in Egypt..any others?

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ive noticed that many new ppl are coming from egypt here and big fascination has growin for chinese cars in egypt seems like...
but are there any other countries like that too??

ive noticed egypt, russia and costa rica as having above avg buzzes on chinese cars
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the maryo is complete utter crap
wanna be lanos , smaller chasis , leftback / hatchback

it might have nice features, but its really not that diffrent from a crappy Geely HQ ( Fruittah ) .

The Lioncel is alot better , but the price is a bit questionable .... 70,000 le ...$12,280 for a 2002 Lancer ? well the car is good but the price is not right

I mean u can buy a Second Hand 2002 Lancer for alot more less than that !
what geely do you drive Admin ?
I haven't noticed that GeelyDriver note under your nickname before ?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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