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seems to be a hype in Egypt..any others?

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ive noticed that many new ppl are coming from egypt here and big fascination has growin for chinese cars in egypt seems like...
but are there any other countries like that too??

ive noticed egypt, russia and costa rica as having above avg buzzes on chinese cars
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Well, here in Egypt alot of brands are popping-up in the market... The Geely was the start.. it was cheap, but sorry to say, it was shit, even the dealer stopped selling Geely cars.

The Chery then came with good prices.. the agent got the QQ , A11 models.. with fair prices, which we dicovered lately by the new Agent for chery to under another name ( speranza ) selling the A5,A6 models... that they are cheaper!

Hafie lobo sold alot, the agent is working hard, plus the cars are good built so he wont find much negatives from the costumers.

Brilliance Grandure(galena here) , are assembled in Egypt by Bavarian Auto, Agent of BMW in Egypt.

Speranza (chery) A5,A6 (oriental son)... are assembled here in Egypt at Daewoo's factory which used to produce Lanos, Leganza models. & let me tell you the car SOLD ALOT! bookings from now till 8/2007 !! lol which means you book now to get ur car next year!

Lioncel is sold here.. The Mitsubishi agent , is the same agent of SOUEAST.

BYD is here, poor adv. , bad agency... Flayer & F3.

The Zotye brand has just arrived here... a car that is typical to a Daihatsu terios which i guess will not make any success.

The Hyundai agent (ghabbour) has just announced the Assembly of FAW cars in Egypt, & release of more than one model.

And more brands to come... the market is big here, & people are buying...
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ok, add these cars too... Jiangnan under the name (maryo), will be released this week in Egypt.

And another car named CEO, looks like the BMW X5, will be released soon too here.
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