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Shandong KAMA trucks

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Here's a short introduction to SHANDONG KAMA truck manufacturer.

- Shandong KAMA was founded in June 1998

- KAMA is a big machine building corporation with many products such as;
auto parts, intermediate and small-sized multi-function diesel engines,
marine and land-used generating sets, machine tools, construction and
mining machineries, general-purpose machineries and of course light duty
trucks and tractors

- their capacity is about 50 000 vehicles a year

- model line-up consists of 76 light truck and 36 tractor models

- also a small numbers of Jaingxi Beluga buses in production (capacity 1000
buses a year)

- workforce is about 10 000 employees

- annual turn-over is 2,66b yuan which is about 250m €

- headquarters located in Nanchang city, Shandong province

- trucks have been exported to e.g. Bangladesh, Australia, Iran, Sri Lanka,
Philippines and Bolivia

truck models:

KMC3121 (dumper)
KMC5021 (van)



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pics at:

Sorry about picture quality but it's not always easy to find good pictures of Chinese products.


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thanks Raul. Good and informative post:thumb:
The KAMA Trucks are now available in my country which is the Philippines.So far I've seen the truck which was displayed at the recently concluded Manila Auto Show..
South African Asiawing Motors imports Kama's 3 Ton medium duty truck and sells it under its own name.

Company plans to introduce some other chinese products.

Asiawing Motors S.A. welcomes you to our new website. Asiawing Motors S.A. is based in the Boshof District in Kimberley.

Asiawing trucks are the first Chinese vehicles imported and distributed by a South African company, having been in South Africa since June 2006. Providing the South African marketplace with a range of high quality products at affordable prices, the AW range of medium duty trucks (3 Ton) are currently the best value in South Africa and will benefit most businesses who require reliable vehicles at affordable prices. The model range is newly complemented with the launch of the Asiawing City Blitz Half tonner, and in the near future, one can expect to see a 1.8 ton Multi Purpose Commercial Vehicle (MPCV) truck joining the fleet.

The 3 ton range is produced by the Kama factory in China. Kama is China’s third largest manufacturer of two, three and eight ton trucks. Based in Shouguang City, which is situated in Shandong province (of which, Jinan is the capital) where it has two big plants, it manufactures trucks ranging from a half tonner at the bottom end, to 6x4 truck-tractors at the top-end.

The newly launched City Blitz Half tonner is produced by the Changhe Automobile Company. Changhe is based in Hefei City, which is situated in Anhui province (of which, Huainan is the capital)

All vehicles are backed and supported by a nation-wide, competent, dealer network. Asiawing has very quickly established this dealer network by appointing, existing established dealers throughout South Africa, as Asiawing dealers. All Asiawing dealers have an impeccable track record in the motor industry and are able to offer their clients excellent after sales service, spare parts and support.
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Not bad. But I still don't understand why are so many Chinese manufacturers producing pickups. Are they selling so well in third- and fourth-tier cities? Wouldn't microvans (mian bao che - bread vans) be better suited for those areas?

Pick-up van



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KAMA KMC1028/9 & Dongfeng DFA1022

The grey pickup in Cuisine's post (and in the linked thread) is the face-lifted version of the KAMA KMC1028/1029/ Dongfeng DFA1022 "HuShi" - a very common "Isuzu"-derived design produced by many others.

Co-production takes place at the Shandong Dongfeng KAMA Vehicle Co. joint venture plant in Shouguang, Shandong. The KAMA version will likely be marketed (as mentioned in that thread) as the Ruiteng.

Note "Dongfeng KAMA" (东风凯马) on license plate.

Hengtian's version, as we know, is the T2 but that is made in the former Dadi plant in Baoding, Hebei.
KAMA and Hengtian are both part of CHTC.

Another shot of the facelifted version:

Specs: KMC1029
Specs: DFA1022
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The black pickup seen in the third picture of Cuisine's post is the KMC1032:


Another interesting model, KMC1026/1027:
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Martin, during my last trip in November in China I spent some time in the countryside in Fujian province and Guangxi region. I was surprised to see how pickups are more and more popular in the (big!) backwards cities. A good example was the city of Longyan in Fujian province, full of Zhengzhou-Nissan pickups, which is very popular in the south. This is really a new development, before I thought the pickup market is booming because of the export to small Asian and African countries, via sites like alibaba, but now I have seen the growing market in the third- and fourth-tier cities in China itself.
Do you know if these PMS trucks sold in Perú are by KAMA? They are a complete copy of the Hyundai Porter, and KAMA has one just like it on their website.

.::: PMS Motors ::.
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