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Shandong LuJun Electric Vehicle

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Shandong LuJun Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd located in Zibo City, was established in 2006. It is one of the electric vehicle Research, Development and Manufacture enterprises. Company site more than 30,000 square meters. After a short period of development, the company has a staff of 66 people, including 3 senior engineer and 10 technicians.

We specialized in manufacturing and exporting high quality electric cars and the company achieved the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Control Management System certification in 2007.

We have modern processing and test equipment, as well as strong Design & Development capacity. We are knowledgeable and experienced in export to the world market. We assure excellent quality with on-time production would satisfy to our customers' needs.





One news from China Car Times.
Shandong Lu Jun announced today that it has received its European EEC certificate of conformity, meaning it can start Euro sales of its popular small car.

Its vehicle, shown left, can hit a top speed of 60kph and can travel for an impressive 180km on a single charge.

Euro sales are expected to start soon.
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Zibo City is a bustling town when it comes to mini EVs. Huoyun, maker of another Smart lookalike, also calls it home.
Huoyun has chosen the U.S. as its export market. I happened to see one on a dealer lot in Florida recently.
There seems to be an abundance of these Smart lookalikes being turned out by China.
So what do we have here Martin? Is this a Zotye 5008 body purchased by Lujun and fitted with Lujun's electric powertrain? Or is this a completed EV product of Zotye's New Energy subsidiary with a Lujun logo?
I don't know the answer dragin. German magazine Autobild which wrote an article about Luis 4U never even mentioned the country of origin of SUV.
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