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Shandong Zhongwen Yixing Electric Automobile

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Shandong Zhongwen Yixing Electric Automobile Co.,ltd, listed in the auto-making notice of the National Department of Industry and Information is an enterprise engaged in developing and making deluxe electric buses and various kinds of special automobiles. The company is located in hi-tech and industry development zone, covering 218 acres, 30,000 square meters of which is production workshop building area, and about 3 square kilometers of planning area will be used as manufacturing base.

At present, Shandong Zhongwen Yixing Electric Automobile Co.,ltd is a company controlled by New Beauty Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. “Rome was not built in a day”. The history of the research and development on New Beauty electric automobiles can be traced back to the end of 1990s.

In 1998, pure electric medium-sized bus was successfully developed by the subsidiary of New Beauty group Minghua Automobile Corporation.

In 2001, Minghua Automobile Corporation as the first private electric automobile company was listed on the US NASDAQ market.

Regretfully, there was no opportunity for the survival and development of high and new technology of private enterprises for lack of the support by industrial policy in China. Nevertheless, the research on New Beauty electric automobile has never ceased. For over a decade, a accumulative total of RMB200million has been invested by the company to the research and development, which is rare in private enterprises. Beijing Olympic Games held in 2008 provided a very good opportunity for the development of pure electric automobile technology. In the same year, Chinese government made the “4000 billion economic stimulus plan”, among which automobile industry was listed as the first target to be supported. The focus in automobile industry is new energy automobile, while among which priority shall be given to pure electric automobile, especially the electric urban bus.

The company has four core technical advantages, including aluminum material, light weight technology of auto body with load bearing structure, motors and the control system, vehicle control system, and application of power battery technology. The four technologies are the fruits resulting from the cooperation between Yixing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd and scholars, experts, universities and institutions at home and abroad.

The company chose pure electric bus as the breakthrough under the guidance of the Chairman of the World Electric Vehicle Association and an academician Chen Qingquan. With the help of the only Asian expert worked for Britain’s Alexander Bus company Tang Shenglang, the company launched the research on light-weight materials for auto body and the load bearing structure and then obtained 16 patents. Through the cooperation with University of Science &Technology Beijing, Linyi New Century Energy Research Institute, Time Technology Co.,Ltd and Huanyu group in recent years, the company developed the application of new energy bus technologies, mastered core technologies of new energy bus design and manufacturing, accumulated rich experience in new energy bus manufacturing. The alliance with Dr. Cai Wei who designed and developed the hybrid technology used on MTU and BMW X6, excellent teams building and cultivation of internal talents laid good foundation for the sustainable development of Yixing electric automobiles.

Yixing pure electric buses are superior to other products in the similar industry in China with the advantages of high stability, power consumption, environment protection, convenient operation and quick startup. In the near future, Shandong Yixing Electric Auto Co., Ltd is expected to become the production base of new energy automobiles based in Shandong province and facing the country to lead new energy automobile enterprises and open a new era of new energy automobiles of China.



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