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Re: Shanghai Englon SC5 and SC5-RV

new turbo-charger technology?

Geely recently became one of the first Chinese manufacturers to reveal a self-developed six-speed automatic transmission. This represents a major step forward for the manufacturer, who is known in South Africa for its high value propositions, in the form of the LC and recently introduced LC Cross.

To date, a number of Chinese manufacturers have invested in similar developments, but Geely has been among the first to reach this goal. The new transmission is already in use in the recently launch Geely GX7 SUV and EC7 Sedan, both of which are destined for South Africa before the end of 2013.

The development of a high-quality automatic transmission, such as this one, has been a point of high priority for Chinese manufacturers. Having to rely on third-party suppliers has impacted on their profitability, but also limited their control over the supply of such parts.

In addition to the new transmission, Geely Deputy General Manager, Zhang Hangyan, also announced that the company is currently developing its own turbo-charger technology. This, again, represents a major step forward for Geely, and pushes it to the technological forefront in terms of Chinese auto development.

This new technology will be deployed on the upcoming SC5-RV compact city car, which is due for global release during the last quarter of 2012. Hangyan also revealed that Geely had completed research and development on a tyre pressure monitoring system, as well as a variety of safety systems.
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