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Established on Jan.11th 1992, Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as SHAC) is affiliated to Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) and is specialized in manufacturing commercial vehicle and car chassis.

Located in Lujiazui financial and trading zone in Pudong Shanghai, SHAC has five manufacturing plants, 7 production bases and 4 joint ventures, occupying 700,000 square meters with 400,000 constructed. The company has more than 8,000 employees and, among those, 1,500 technicians. The sales revenue reaches 5 billion RMB in 2004 with capital assets of 2.2 billion RMB and exportation revenue of 5.35 million USD. The company ranked 79 among 500 foreign companies, 32 in 100 Chinese mechanical enterprises and 20 in automobile industry.

Huizhong has two business sections, namely commercial vehicle and car chassis. The brands of commercial vehicle include ISTANA series with annual producing capacity of 10,000 cars; 15-ton heavy trucks include auto-unloading vehicle, trailer, truck and mixing vehicle with annual productivity of 6,000; there are also luxury traveling vehicles, large and middle-sized passenger vehicles. Car chassis products include front axle and rear axle systems and parts exported to GM and FORD. The company is first-rate vendor of various car chassis to GM and FORD's cast aluminum products.

In March 2004, while consolidating domestic car chassis market and entering international market, SHAC began to enter commercial vehicle market. ISTANA hit market on March 15th, which added shine to light commercial vehicle market. The vehicle drew attention from customers and sold out 2,000 cars in 9 months and a half. There are models of 10-seat, 12-seat and 15-seat and 8 series. At the same time, the company attached more importance to development, improvement and sales of heavy duty trucks and Datong and Shanghui series sold hot in China. And the design, manufacturing of Land Cruiser Troops had also been finished. Also, the high-standard luxury passenger bus attracted more customers. ISTANA won the Best Commercial Vehicle title in medium evaluation in 2004. It also won Best Decoration award in Welcome Expo city transportation passenger evaluation. The strategy of Co-development of Commercial Vehicle and Car Chassis had gained effect.

With advanced technology and equipment, SHAC has 7,500 sets equipment of casting, punching, plating, electrophoresis, heat treatment, welding, machining and assembling. The company also has R&D center, testing center and exam center and has built development platform of commercial vehicle and car chassis. There is also MRPII computer assisting enterprise management system. The company gained ISO9001, QS-9000, VDA6.1 and ISO/TS16949 quality certification and also gained ISO14001 environmental certification.

As an enterprise deals in commercial vehicle and car chassis, SHAC is now utilizing international integration technology to achieve the new target of the century, to become first class manufacturer of commercial vehicle and supplier of car chassis.



Model: SH4251
Driving Model: 6×4
Curb Weight(kg): 8960
Total Weight(kg): 25000
Max Speed(km/h): 90
Minimum Turning Diameter: 15.5
Exterior Size(mm): 6665×2495×3100
Engine: WD615.44
Rated Power(km): 243(320)/2200
Max Torque(N.m): 1250/1400-1600
Clutch: ¢430
Transmission: FullerRT11509C(9gears)
Wheelbase(mm): 3050+1300
Track(front/rear): 2054/1864
Oil Tank: 400L
Tyre: 10.00-20

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SAIC owns 51 per cent of SsangYong, and has evidently transferred SsangYong designs to SHAC. The Istana is an old SsangYong model which was also sold by Mercedes-Benz in some countries. The two trucks Martin posted appear to be SsangYong models based on Mercedes designs (at least, that's where the cabs come from). Another Chinese manufacturer, North-Benz, makes trucks based on the same original Mercedes-Benz models.


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Yes Gag, Ssangyong sold its truck manufacturing factory in China to SHAC back in 2001, and in 2003 granted SHAC exclusive rights for the local production and sale of the Istana from 2004 to 2010.
Ssangyong's tie-up with Mercedes dates back to the 1980s.
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