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Has a small facelift?
The car looks much bigger from the inside then it does from the outside..very spacious. Maybe its the light color inside. Im so used to my black leather dark interior.
This is a Chinese version, locally manufactured by SAIC.
It's different then European version:

On Chinese Octavias all plastic parts are painted in body colour. And also it has much more chromed elements. The only part in chrome on European version is front grille.
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& it's a trend to use light color for the interior nowadays...
Octavia sells 60,000 units a year, Skoda to be a big brand.

May 12, 2008 - To date, Shanghai VW has sold more than 50,000 units of the new Skoda Octavia sedan since its launch in early June 2006. With its sales expected to hit 60,000 units on the first anniversary of its launch, the Skoda Octavia is entering the ranks of mainstream brands in the auto market.

The Skoda Octavia was put on the market on June 6, 2007 and had sold 31,802 units by the year end. In the first quarter of 2008, the sales of the new car continued to rise and 17,000 units were sold, with 6,700 sold in March, a new high since its release. At this growth rate, more than 60,000 Skoda Octavia cars will have been sold by June 6, 2008, the first anniversary of its launch.

As an all-new brand, the Skoda is creating a miracle in the car market by selling 60,000 units of a single model. What's more extraordinary is that the price of Octavia is the most stable in the Class-A auto market where the rival car models offer a discount between 10,000 yuan ($1,430) and 20,000 yuan. The stability of its selling price has also boosted the image of Octavia as "the most value-keeping" car.

Shanghai VW has currently 121 Skoda dealerships in mainland China and the number of Skoda brand stores will increase to about 200 by the end of this year. The Skoda brand is also world famous for its excellent services and has ranked among top five in the consumer satisfaction survey for 11 straight years. In the near future, Skoda will promote its "Human Touch" service brand.
I hear the Ukraine starts to produce this car. Is it ok? The quality is bad.. :(
First spy shots of the facelifted Skoda Octavia for the Chinese market:

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Is Shanghai Octavia Facelift going to have LED tail lights like Superb?
Hi. Now I got my registration to the forum :)

I can se eyou know VERY much and have VERY many pictures of cars in China.

I have read alot about european cars in china. but seems like I can not find out if only Gasoling cars that sell to china or also Diesel ?

I have small company, and am very interested in maybe sell something to chinese market.

I whish you a nice day

Kind Regards from Denmark:)
Welcome to CCF.

In China only gasoline-powered cars are on sale. Diesel engines are available only in SUV vehicles with very few exeptions (Audi A6 TDI for example).
Hi my friends.))) I like this car)
China produce more and more car)
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