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Shanghai-Volkswagen news (newest: SAIC-Audi JV)

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Shanghai-VW is back in black according to linked article it will make profit this year :thumb:
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Volkswagen China to develop car for global mkt

SHANGHAI: Volkswagen AG and its car venture in Shanghai will jointly develop a new car targeting the North America and China market, the venture said on Wednesday.

The top European auto maker and Shanghai Volkswagen - a tie-up with SACI Motor, China's biggest car maker - will develop a new sedan which would become a follow-up model of the locally produced Passat Lingyu, it said in a statement.

Shanghai Volkswagen, founded in 1984, has participated in the development of cars for sale in the Chinese domestic market, with total R&D investment of 3 billion yuan ($400 million) so far.

The planned move enables Shanghai Volkswagen to participate for the first time in the research and development of models targeting the global market, it added.

Early this month, Chery Automobile finalised a deal with the Chrysler Group to make compact cars in China under the Chrysler badge for sale in North America and elsewhere, potentially making it the first Chinese auto maker to tap the US market.
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It's about time these VW blood-suckers, after decades of making money hand over fist, design and export some cars out of China. (Think about it, what were they doing all these decades? Protecting their own jobs in Europe and America's?) Well, now they are finally doing it because they have no choice since others are doing it. Blood sucking leeches if you ask me...
China: Shanghai Volkswagen Passat Lingyu replacement to be exported to NAFTA markets

Shanghai Volkswagen, the German OEM's Chinese joint venture with SAIC, has announced that it will develop a sedan based on the next-generation Passat platform, to be marketed both in the domestic market and North America, according to Reuters.

The initial focus will be on the Chinese market, Volkswagen China spokesman Kai Grueber says. According to Shanghai Volkswagen spokesman Gu Huan, his company will be in charge of the car's exterior and interior styling.

"Tastes in China and North America in the main features are similar. There will be some differences in the smaller details, though," Automotive News quotes Huan, as saying.

The new vehicle is expected to be launched in 2009, a report carried by XFN-Asia adds. The car will replace the OEM's Passat Lingyu, a long-wheelbase version of the previous generation Passat.

Recently, FAW-Volkswagen, Volkswagen's other joint venture in China, launched its new Magotan sedan. This upscale model, which premiered at the Beijing motor show in November 2006, is itself virtually identical to the latest generation Passat built in Germany.
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Its big news in the VW World thats for sure ;)

Will be interesting too see if it sells ???

Do Americans care where there VWs are made ?
BringIt said:
It's about time these VW blood-suckers, after decades of making money hand over fist, design and export some cars out of China. (Think about it, what were they doing all these decades? Blood sucking leeches if you ask me...
Try to stay neutral, it's better for everybody. Post facts not opinions. Or do you have some first-hand negative experiences about these cars ?
VW Santana 3000 to be produced in Nanjing starting in May.

January 21 ( – Starting in May this year, VW’s Santana 3000 will be produced in a Nanjing plant, state media Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday.

The plant, located in Jiangning Development Zone, Nanjing, is expected to produce 60,000 Santana 3000 vehicles in 2008 and will have a capacity of 300,000 by 2012, the Xinhua report said.

The plant, formerly owned by Nanjing Yuejin Automobile Group, now becomes a product facility of Shanghai VW under a strategic cooperation agreement reached between Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and Nanjing Yuejin Automobile Group a few weeks ago.

Santana is Shanghai Volkswagen’s best selling model in Chinese market. In 2007, Shanghai Volkswagen sold 106,086 Santana vehicles and 97,048 Santana 3000 vehicles.
Shanghai VW to launch Santana 4000 in 2008.

January 31, 2008 – Shanghai will launch its first own brand Model Y or Santana 4000 this year, Chinese media reported today.

Shanghai VW plans to launch five car models this year, the joint venture automaker announced last week. So far three models--- Cross Polo, Santana Vista and Touran have already on sale in Chinese. The automaker plans to launch Skoda Fabia and Model Y or Santana 4000 in the second half of this year.

Shanghai-Volkswagen plans to produce 590,000 vehicles this year in a bid to take back its No.1 position in China’s passenger vehicle industry, the automaker’s new general manager said in a recent company conference.

"To achieve this goal, we will reduce production costs by 40 percent," Liu Jian, General Manager of Shanghai VW, told a company conference last week.

Shanghai-Volkswagen sold 456,424 vehicles in China last year, second to Shanghai GM, which sold 500,308 vehicles in the same period.

Shanghai VW’s had been China’s top passenger vehicles seller for twenty years until it was lost to Shanghai GM over the past three years.
Shanghai VW delays plans to launch Fabia and Tiguan in China.

June 18, 2008 - Shanghai Volkswagon has postponed its ambitious plans to locally build Fabia and Tiguan in China before the end of this year, the 21st Century Business Herald reports.

It has emerged that the joint venture automaker, due to make and launch Fabia and Tiguan later this year, has put off the plans until next year.

The report said the delay was announced as its Fabia 1.4L model is proved to contain polluting substance that fails to meet China's national standards. Shanghai VW is still undertaking further test on the model to dissolve this defect.

The automaker also abandoned the plan to launch Tiguan within this year due to low sales expectations stemming form reduced government spending on purchasing vehicles.

Shanghai VW, a China joint venture of Volkswagen, is likely to rely on Lavide, its only new model this year, to maintain its sales position. It sold 38,119 vehicles in the month of May, down 20% from the previous month.
Home-made hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid to go Olympic.

July 7, 2008 - 20 hydrogen fuel cell hybrid vehicles based on Passat Lingyu have passed tests and will go to Beijing for the Olympics service, reported Wen Hui Daily today.

The 20 hydrogen cars are reportedly the first new energy vehicles permitted to go on the roads in China. All have covered the 300km safety test and have gone through other safety and endurance trials.

The hydrogen cars, based on Volkswagen Passat Lingyu, were manufactured by Shanghai Volkswagen on its latest fuel cell powertrain platform. The powertrains are supplied by Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Co., Ltd (SFCV), Tongji University and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC).

The vehicles will ply between Olympic sites. Sources said the hydrogen cars will provide courtesy services and inspection tours between Olympic stadiums. It is likely to see 500 hydrogen-engine cars in a green car fleet during the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

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VW and Shanghai to jointly launch NMS model.

Another secrect car from Shanghai VW?

Shanghai VW are reportedly working on another secret car, possibly a ‘New Midsize Sedan’ or NMS. The car is expected to replace the VW Passat Lingyu in China by 2010, and will also go on sale in the USA. The car is planned to be the same size as the currenty Toyota Camry, but at the usual VW price.

VW are planning to build a new production plant in Chattanooga, USA which will produce the NMS by 2011, which could lead to Chinese made VW NMS’ models being sold in the US for a year.

The Chinese press were unable to get an official comment from Shanghai VW on the NMS project, however, last year Shanghai VW and VW came to an agreement that Shanghai VW would be responsible for developing a new vehicle body including exterior and interior parts.
Volkswagen (VW) has announced its plan to build its US assembly plant and a new model (code named NMS) for the plant. Now the so-called NMS (New Midsize Sedan), of the same class with Passat B6, is reportedly to be developed jointly by VW and its Chinese joint venture Shanghai VW, according to Information Times newspaper.

Last July, Volkswagen and Shanghai VW announced to build an all-new sedan based on the latest generation of German B-Class platform for both North American and Chinese markets. As VW's US plant made clear recently, the new model is disclosed to be the NMS by Shanghai VW and German VW, the report said, citing American newspapers.

NMS, though at the same class with Passat B6, will be oriented below the B6. It will be priced lower than the current Magotan in the China market.

"The Passat remains the Passat. The Passat will be positioned above that mid-sized sedan (NMS). That mid-sized sedan is to rival Malibu, Accord fighter, Camry, said Volkswagen Group of America CEO Stefan Jacob.
from China Car Times
VW to kill of Santana production in 2012.

The VW Santana is going to be put of production in 2012 according to VW. The Santana, which has made it to the current Santana 3000 guise has sold an impressive 3213710 models since the first CKD produced Santana rolled off the line in 1983.

China’s love for the Santana has not seen the Santana change radically in all of its years, SAIC-VW even made a their own MPV off the Santana, without VW Germanys knowledge. The MPV never made it to production, but it showed that SAIC did have the engineering know how to make a large MPV years before VW made their VW Sharon.

VW doesnt plan on letting the Santana go quietly, they have an agressive plan of selling 86.572 Santanas in 2009, 62.640 in 2010, 48.438 in 2011, and 30.437 in 2012.

The majority of Santana sales in recent years have arguably been to fleet sales, especially as taxi use. Its basic, yet fool proof interior and roomy rear leg room has made it a popular alternative to the cramped VW Jetta taxis, CCT has spent many an hour in Santana taxis, and plenty of romantic late night kisses on the back seat, and also in the important role of taking me home when I was too drunk to drive. I might just buy a Santana for old times sake.

Still, some people say if you take all the Santana’s off the road tomorrow, then China’s car accident rate will fall substantially.

source: China Car Times
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Re: Shanghai Volkswagen business news

VW to kill of Santana production in 2012.
I think it's a good solution!
SAIC & Audi JV

Volkswagen And SAIC Sign New Joint Venture To Make Audis In China

Volkswagen and the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) have signed an agreement to build Audi-branded cars. The shareholders are Shanghai-Volkswagen and Audi, with each holding a 50% stake. The first vehicle will be shown in concept form on the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2017. Production is set to start in early 2018. The joint venture will be called ‘Shanghai-Volkswagen Audi’.

Volkswagen has two joint ventures in China: FAW-Volkswagen, based in Changchun, makes Audi and Volkswagen cars. Shanghai-Volkswagen, based in Shanghai, makes Volkswagen cars.

The latter also makes Skodas for the Chinese market under a similar agreement as with the new Audi deal: a 50-50% joint venture with Shanghai-Volkswagen and Skoda as the sole shareholders. This joint venture is called ‘Shanghai-Volkswagen Skoda’.

Volkswagen hasn’t announced which cars Shanghai-Volkswagen Audi is going to make. However, based on rumors and some informed guesswork we believe there will be two initially: an Audi variant of the upcoming Volkswagen Teramont (VW Atlas), and a new luxury sedan that will be positioned between the locally made Audi A6L and the Audi A8.

The move to make Audis in Shanghai signifies a closer relationship between Volkswagen and SAIC and a worsening relationship with FAW, which appears unable and unwilling to live up to their part of the joint venture deal with Volkswagen. Recent product launches already told the story: the shiny new Phideon and the above mentioned Teramont both went to Shanghai, with FAW missing out.
Re: SAIC & Audi JV

From what I've read FAW are not to happy about this :eek:
I know VGC will still continue both partnerships though.
Re: Shanghai-Volkswagen news

Last month, SAIC-VW launched five Chinese-sourced models in the Philippines:
Santana, Santana GTS (Gran), Lavida (old), Lamando, and Tiguan (old).
Re: Shanghai-Volkswagen news

Last month, SAIC-VW launched five Chinese-sourced models in the Philippines:
Santana, Santana GTS (Gran), Lavida (old), Lamando, and Tiguan (old).
Thanks for posting this dmitra :thumb: it is a very interesting move on VW.
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