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Some facts about Vista:

VW are set to roll out the Santana 3000 out for another shot at the Chinese market.
The Vista is basically the Santana 3000 that has been given a slight makeover to make it fit into the range of current VW cars for sale on the Chinese market, think extra bits of chrome around the grill, and you’d be bang on the dollar. The Santana Vista will be equipped with either a 1.8, or a 2.0l engine coming in at 90,780rmb for the basic 1.8 manual to 122,000rmb for the top end luxury 2.0 auto model.

The Santana still remains as popular as ever in China. Nothing can top the sales of a car which is a proven, tried and tested motoring legend. The Chinese people just love this car.
source: China Car Times
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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