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With most of the vehicle manufacturers out there moving toward new e-concepts, it is now the turn of Shanghai Volkswagen to introduce a new electric car brand. Christened Tantos, the e-car brand was spotted in the new vehicle application list released by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

A few spy shots and the catalog number hint that the E-Lavida will be the first to come from Tantos. The Shanghai-VW developed compact sedan will form the basis for the electric car.

Shanghai Volkswagen re-registered the Chinese brand this year, which was earlier registered in 2007. The logo is pretty interesting as it comes in a dual look- like a Chinese character and with an eagle opening the wings.

The company is just modifying their existing models. Hope we will be able to see new complete e-vehicles from the company soon.

Tantos, which is partnering with Kai-Li – the e-brand of FAW-Volkswagen, will help both the companies to intervene the in market quickly and will reduce the cost of Research and Development if the market sales go down.

The new association of the companies is expected to step up Volkswagen’s competition in the auto arena. There are no details on when will we able to see the Tantos E-Lavida or the Kai-Li E-Bora pacing on the streets of China. Scribble down your comments on this Shanghai e-brand here.

Electric car exposed:

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