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Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Motors Co.

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Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Motors Co., Ltd. is located at Baolong Industrial Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China, occupying an area of 100,000 square meters, the company is well equipped with 180 sets production equipments including 6336 square meters welding plant, 7804 square meters painting room , two general assembly lines and 1 testing center which increased production capacity up to 10,000 units per year and qualified Wuzhoulong as Chinas or even worlds biggest professional traditional and environmental bus manufacturer with bus length range from 7m to 13.7m and 150 bus models. There are 1000 employees, including 300 senior professional experts in various fields.. Wuzhoulongs ceaseless pursue of quality excellent has allowed her to obtain various national and international certificates such as Company Business License, Certificate of the world Manufacturer Identifier(WMI)Code, Quality System Certificate (ISO9001:2000) Certificate of China Compulsory Product Certification, Certificate of High-Tech Enterprise by Guangdong Province, China and Certificated of Shenzhen Municipal Main Project by Shenzhen Government, also have awarded as more than 10 patent certificates and honor certificates. Following its roaring success at BAAV Bus world Asia 2005 and 2006, Wuzhoulong was awarded the Green Bus of the Year 2007 Award. Currently, Wuzhoulong buses were not only sold to domestic markets covering more than 20 provinces but also widely spread out to USA, Chile, Saudi Arabia ,Togo, Benin, Iran ,Cyprus, Albania, Russia, etc. Innovation is lifeline of Wuzhoulong, based on traditional bus production Wuzhoulong encouraged technique innovation and successfully developed hybrid bus with saving fuel and environmental protection performance through the cooperation with Singapore, HongKong, South China University of Technology. Contrasted with diesel bus, hybrid bus features with reducing fuel consumption by 30% and low emission standard, which is spoken highly by clients in domestic and international markets. This new technique has passed new product technical test by the Economic and Trade Committee of Guangdong province and also it has been listed in national 863 dominated constructive programming. Whats more, we also successfully developed alternative fuel bus such as CNG, LPG. , CNG electric and diesel electric bus. However, Wuzhoulong will continue to adhere to its core values of sincerity, innovation and customer satisfaction, fulfill its mission of invigorating the national automobile industry.

Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Motors was established in 1987 and employs over 500 people with annual sales volume of US$50 million-US$100 million. The company manufactures tour, intercity, city, and clean fuel buses as well as motorhomes and hospital buses.
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Sorry about pictures, I'm having trouble posting them on.

If anyone could help me, that would be great. :D
How do you publish pictures?
Click on a picture you want to publish with right mouse button. Copy the link. Then press Insert Image icon and paste desired link between

For example. If you would like to publish picture from following address:

here is the right code:

And the result:


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Isn't this lovely ? Just another Starliner clone. :nod:
Thanks for the help. Got to Chery international news to see the pics i loaded onto the forum.
Bus that looks like Designline Olymbus which is made in Asburton in New Zealand

Designline Olymbus
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FDG6120 city bus

FDG6126-Already seen but no one knew what it was. Another Neoplan copy.

FDG6125 tourist bus


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