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Shuanghuan Automobile Introduction

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Shuanghuan Auto try to make high quality Auto products since 16 years and we always operation without on borrowings and losses incurred year. Shuanghuan Auto Commpany adopted at field of production as per zero-defect development and high quality production purpose, we passed ISO9000 quality control system in 2000 and gained 3C constraint products certification in 2003. Now we accomplish product quality lifetime tract system with control procedure and rewards and penalties system. S-RV, full set of car become good quality products at same grade throughout the country. We cut over 24 hours service hot line and return a visit to customer, we have 200 pieces of monopolistic shopping and almost 300 of pieces mainantenance station all over the country.
The first Shuanghuan vehicles were produced in 1988. Various body-styles including jeep, station wagon, police vehicle, fire engines etc. were offered using Toyota technology. This model is still being offered with either Ford or Toyota powertrain.
Capacity is 30,000 vehicles per year

here is a video of their SCEO SUV
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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