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Look like no body in singapore sign up for this forum. MAybe its stilll not so well known in singapore.

I'll be first one then. I just bought a MK a week before chinese new year. Well, it definately give me a great dissappointment. Knowing its a monified toyota soluna engine 1.5 litres plus the insaurrance is cheap just SGD$700 and beside this, i can still earn my NCD as usual.

Anyway, overall the plan is very nice. since i'm a first timer in my life owning a car under my name. So the plan above is nice under geely. So i decided to buy my MK.

Anyway, on the first week till date, few symptom occurs. Firstly, is my aircon, its not cold at all. In front the passenger section, its considerable cool. But when hit the rear, it become warm. End up make an oven car. Its so hot until my poor sister siting behind fall sick the subquences day after day of visiting relative during CNY. Then just about 4 days after i took my car, my igintion key area, the ACC wiring came loose. End up my instrumental panel light and meters control is malfunctions. But still can drive using my "human speedometer" to guage my speed of drivng. just for only a day of running, my battery flat. Besides this, when during a "high speed of 60km/h" come to a brake, loud ear piercing squeeking noise occurs (since day 1). also send in my car to complaint about the noise and air con. and till now, its not being fix either. and also the panel under my wiper, the edge of the panel is so lose, they use plastic screw to secure the panel. Secure until its not so tight. Still can see some tiny gap in between the wiper panel and my windscreen. So bad.

For the aircon, i drive my car to my friend's workshop, He test for me the air con cut in and out temperature. He say that the air con is very weak. It cut out the timing at about 11 degree. Which is suppose to be not that high. It should be around 3 to 8 degree. In order to make the whole cabins cool, base on average 1.5litre car on the market.

Anyway, beside all this fault, overall its quite a nice car to drive. Of cause, i cannot compair china car and other couintry car. But at least, the QC hand over to singapore, singapore should filther the good and bad car. at least up to certain considerable singapore standard. Like the climate in singapore. damn hot. :( With such a quick cut off high degree timing, its very bad.

Hope, singapore geely should check and test all the car in good condition before handling over to the customers.
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