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Sinotruk Group Jinan Howo Bus

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SINOTRUK Jinan HOWO Bus Co., Ltd. is one wholly-owned subsidiary of China Heavy Duty (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. And a joint venture contributed by SINOTRUK Jinan Power Co. Ltd. And China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (Hong Kong) International Investment Limited Company. The company is located at the crossing of Panwang road and Tangwangshan road in Zhangqiu city with the whole area of 106 acres. It's planned to grow to be a big company of possessing the designing, producing and selling ability of 10000 nos. Large and medium buses and coaches per year. The registered capital is 30 million US dollars, and the total amount of capital invested is 80 million US dollars.

The first phase of investment 13 million US dollars has been finished, and has shaped the yearly production capacity of 1500 buses. At present, there are 3 production workshops with "U" layout. The total building area is 7398 m2, mainly used for production and assembling for chassis and whole buses; The welding shop is 6576 m2, mainly used for making workpiece and welding bus body; The paint shop is 5832 m2, mainly used for painting the bus body.

The establishment of SINOTRUK Jinan HOWO Bus Co., Ltd. Stands for SINOTRUK engaging into domestic and international bus and coach market on the basis of the fast and strong developing of heavy duty vehicles. In 2009, SINOTRUK and Germany MAN Company began the successful cooperation, which instills new vitality into the growth of developing bus and coach products. From the past, SINOTRUK has been developing and producing chassis for large buses and trolley-buses, and has supplied chassis for many big bus companies. In the recent 10 years, the rapid development of heavy duty vehicles builds the good foundation for making buses and coaches on the new start, especially the core assemblies and parts are made by SINOTRUK. Furthermore, we have the unique advantage in technology, production and quality control. Counting on the strong and advanced after-sale service system in truck field, our service for buses and coaches will be more efficient with low cost.

SINOTRUK Jinan HOWO Bus Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise setting bus and chassis design, manufacturing and selling as one. We follow the development principle of high threshold, high quality and high efficiency, and strive to produce and sell 10000 buses and coaches every year, becoming one of the largest bus companies of the whole country at the end of the "twelfth-five" period.


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