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Shanghai-Maple E85

SMA will introduce E85 equiped with bi-fuel engine at 2008 Auto China:

Maple is a brand that does not stand out as having particular products and modern aesthetics rather attractive-quite the contrary-but at least it is beginning to worry about the environment, and at the Salon de l'Automobile in Beijing shows the Huapu E85.

We remind our readers that the Maple Huapu taken platform veteran Citroen ZX-still on sale in China-but suitably modified so that only the light side, we remind the French model. Now converted into a sedan-like Elysée Citroën, the Huapu boasts a comprehensive internal and trunk very capable.

As for the engine, it has been suitably amended so that it can use whatever unleaded gasoline or ethanol. While ethanol consumption are somewhat higher, while the cost of benefits emerging use as beneficiaries. All these developments also come to mechanical another five models of the firm.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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