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SMA in Bosnia

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Before two yeaars Slovenian company start sale of SMA models in Bosnia.
Since january this year they has not any car on salon or on stock. It seems a Sloveninan firm forgot Bosnian daughter firm completely.
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zdravo arman...or hello :)

first of all slovenian company avtocom import over 200 vehicles as I got information, i also see and take some photos of those vehicles at custom clearence in sarajevo but now I can't find it

they was there over 2 year and after that they start to sell them with 4 year warranty and thru local network and "action" sale with extra low price, also plenty of taxi companies buy this cars and call it yellow taxi, over 100 vehicles was sold by the statistic informations, but for now there isn't offical national company who follow those results

however i was hoping that avtocom will start much serius job on bosnian market but for now only hafei with small minivans and truck make a good impact
What with buyers and problem with spare parts. People both cars(like me) and naw i see Slovenian forgot Bosnian adventure.
SMA is part of Geely and That in Bosnia is shame for Geely in Global.
Do not frget Bosnia is in Europe.
Geely plan to go in Europe and Bosnian adventure can be dark mark for them.
you buy SMA model? which one?
what problems with spare parts do you have?
as i got information slovenians didn't have plans for bosnian market, their plan was to import those vehicles to slovenia, but they can't pass homologation regulation and that was the reason why they sell them do bosnia
Now i have not problems but in future it is possible.
This is very unproffesional from Slovenian and very dangerous for Geely plans in Europe.
I both C 52, solid car. Completely meet all my needs.
Before few days i had collision with Renault. C 52 had small demage against R.
Malo sam bio off ali biće imao još jedan udes i opet sa renolom.

Slovenian company made crime in Bosnia. Using e-banking picked all money from Bosnian daughter-company. Bosnian importer of SMA cars closed in deep doubt.
Slovenian owner of company stopped any communication.
Owners of SMA cars are without warranty and necessary spare parts.

Big cheat will be very god advertisement for Geely and SMA in Europe market, especialy in Balkan(Bosani is part of Balkan).
Kako to obično ide sad se svi prave ludi.
Dok je firma AVTOCOM(Slovenia i Bosna) radila na zvaničnoj stranici SMA-International kao zemlja u koju se izvozi stajala je i Slovenija. Time su oni kupci u Bosni koji su korisnici Interneta na neki način bili uvjereni da iza posla sa Maple automobilima stvarno stoji SMA. Nakon što su vlasnici firme u Sloveniji napravili prevaru i bankrotirali , vlasnici SMA automobila u Bosni su ispali prevareni.
Nakon svega uprava SMA tvrdi da pojma nema otkud Maple u Bosni i Sloveniji iako na računima koji su dopratili automobile u Sloveniju stoji logo firme SMA i u carinskim papirima je kao izvoznik SMA.
To sve bi bilo prihvačeno kao prevara kupaca u Bosni da u ponedeljak 24 maja 2010 nije u Sarajevo stigla delegacija iz Švedske da ispita prevaru koja je učinjena po pokroviteljstvom Geely.
Čekamo ishod.
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How it usually goes now all the real crazy.
While the company AVTOCOM (Slovenia and Bosnia) worked on the official web site of SMA-International as a country in which exports stood and Slovenia. Thus they are buyers in Bosnia who were Internet users in some way were convinced that after dealing with the car really stands Maple SMA. After the owners of firms in Slovenia, made fraudulent and bankrupt, the owners of SMA cars were fired in Bosnia deceived.
After all manegement of SMA claims that the SMA has no idea from where Maple in Bosnia and Slovenia, although the accounts/bill are accompanied cars in Slovenia is the company logo SMA and customs papers as an exporter of SMA.
It would all be accepted as customer fraud in Bosnia, the state irrelevant and at the end of the world, that on Monday 24 May 2010 is not in Sarajevo delegation arrived from Sweden to investigate the fraud that was committed by the auspices of Geely.
We are waiting for the outcome.
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