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so many lurkers - why not post?

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hey lurkers, if you went to so much effort to join the forums, why not post??

this is a call for all lurkers to just post their inquiries or information or opinions on chinese cars!! :)
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sorry to interrupt, this is just for a suggestion

I've an idea that this off-topic section should include not only the non-car-related threads, but also those threads with proper titles but have run far away from their original topics.

Maybe it's not a bad idea to redirect some threads here, so that ppl could continue their discussion without going against the nature of the forum.

what do you think?
Perhaps the lurkers represent the vast percentile of NorthAmericans that are functional illiterates? This site is a great resource of what is up and coming to northamerica soon.
The anti chinese rhetoric and attitudes of racism demonstrate a society failing its duty to educate and promote civility. 70% of engineers in the USA are foreign trained.
Many in china will find my ramblings impossible. I sorrily admit they are facts.
Or perhaps the so called lurkers are new to site and want to see what its about. Its suppose to be about automobiles ?I'm surprised bassfisher knows the lurkers are from Northamerica but he is the one that comes up with these so called facts of his. He talks about racism from others but he also demonstrates it on his statements against Northamericans. He has to say something negative about them in each of his thread postings. C'mon and post something that is useful and has facts not your self admitted ramblings. Anyway, I do agree with firefox with having an off-topic-section with non-auto-related threads so the main discussion could stick to the forum. then so called lurkers may participate without being called names and being judged on their ethnicity.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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