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So many motorsports event in China..

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Yeah...I raced car for 10 years and been 10 year not racing too.

Started in USA as Formula Ford, and race most in Korea for touring cars from one make to Gr. A and last Formula F4 popular in Japan and Korea.

Been working as organizer for F3 in Korea and event organizer for many competitions in Korea. Last F3 race for Jenson Button prior move to F1, he raced in Korea. Jacky Chen was there for VIP, but I miss meeting him due to accident call at the track. I was escorting F1/F3 doctor at that time for translator...

Still, China motorsports grew much bigger and faster than Korea for last 10 years despite Korea is 5th major car manufacturer.

I never went to China myself, but I do hope to see many competition especially F1 and may want to drive lapping session at well known tracks.

Cars been with me for 29 years ever since I drove my first car at age can add up my age. I still maintain my Int'l C competition license by having health check up every year that req. by KARA sanction body of FIA in Korea. Still have racing team, but not very active.

If opportunity takes, I still like to be in action myself. Many of my colleagues who start racing with me are team owners, team managers still in action in Korea.

Don't want to be full competition racer (don't think I can keep up..), I like to have fun and may have to try for silver race. Ferrari Challenge will be nice~

I'll post some links after my 10 posts..
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nice to hear this, though only few can join this motorpsorts, may i saw the pros and selected amateurs.

i'm from manila, though not a rich country but we ( maybe ) are ahead in terms of countrywide motorsports. yes we do not have F1 Race Circuits, too sad to say, and our F3 Track is so, so. but we have very good drivers who are competing internationally, althoug not F1 materials though, but our Rally Drivers are really good, just need funding and support.

many private groups hold Slalom/Auticross, Rallies, legal Drage Racing alternating every month. so even the littlest of person who wants to drive his 15 year old modified Honda EG can join each of these, just as long as you have your helmet and 4 pst bucket seat.....there are several classes to choose from, depending on your mods and displacement. it's not all about winning, but enjoying and having the best time with your car.

I've been running in some of this for the past 2 years and im really loving it. my car is worthy of every penny i'm spending and i dont care that much if i damage the body kit coz the car gives back to me...big time fun.

oh, even drifting competitions are held every 2-3mos and they roam the metro and nearby suburbs.
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i only attended motorsport events in China for once and it was quite interesting.
Dear PowerAXEL,

so you are looking for opportunity to race in China Maybe? Cause i maybe have few goo oportunity for people that KNOW how to drive.

I think I am too old for that. If there is an opportunity to call, I can refer to some of young driver from Korea.

Mid next year, I am planning to work at
At then, I know where I will be heading every weekend..........race track.

If anyone can refer me to racing association in China, I have racing promoter in Korea who may want to make MOU to race in China as event bring those Korean race cars to race in China.

Shanghai is so close to Inchon, Korea. Just yesterday, I told the race promoter in Korea call Super Race event organizer and give brief idea about racing in China for once during 2010 year schedule.
Amazingg motorsport events , i wish the increase more and more ! :D
It is really Amazingg motorsport events..........Thanks for information.....
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