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Well, although it's chinese car web site.... it seems like not much new I'm posting something that you might not able to see unless you can read korean.....

It new elantra (1.6 lt model)..... and seems like this guy took this review film for his own I can see he was over speeding on the busy road in some other clips....$

He said he could feel the accelation until it reached 170....then not much accelation...$

He tried with gear 2 (automatic) to full throttle and the transmission stayed at 2nd gear all the time. Just fuel was cut at 6500 rpm.. But in the previous version of elantra..... the transmission was shifted to higher gear before it was reaching to 6000 rpm.... so... he thought Hyundai got more confident on their transmission.....$$

Driving on the winding road of mountain...

And this car is veracruz (CUV) with 3 lt vgt disel engine
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