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Dodge Enters China With a Bold and Powerful Statement

- Dodge brand officially enters Chinese market with first products revealed at Auto Shanghai 2007

- The best-selling Dodge Caravan will be locally produced in China for the Chinese market

- Dodge Caliber will be the first imported Dodge vehicle available to customers in China

- Portfolio of Dodge vehicles underlines the breadth and potential of the brand

SHANGHAI, China, April 20, 2007: Dodge officially enters China with a bold and powerful statement at Auto Shanghai 2007 as it premieres the first two products for the brand: the locally produced Dodge Caravan and imported Dodge Caliber.

These two Dodge vehicles, in addition to the other Dodge products on display at the Shanghai show, clearly underline the scope and potential of the Dodge brand.

Each of these vehicles delivers the four key attributes of the Dodge brand: bold, powerful, capable and street smart ... and together they stress the exciting present and future of the brand as it continues to expand into the global automotive market.

"We have a clear and assertive brand identity for Dodge," said Thomas Hausch, Executive Director - International Sales and Marketing, Chrysler Group. "We established a strong and distinct character for our new Dodge products and now expand the brand into China, one of the most promising automotive markets in the world. As we begin to define the brand through its products at Auto Shanghai 2007, we can clearly illustrate the breadth, potential and excitement that the brand offers."

Dodge Caravan
The new Dodge Caravan precisely interprets the mission of Chrysler Group to make the best-selling minivan in the marketplace the best looking, while staying true to the minivan formula of a right-sized vehicle designed from the inside out.

The 1984 introduction of the modern minivan by the Chrysler Group changed the way people thought about family and business transportation. Designed with a formula that has proven to be successful for 23 years, the new Dodge Caravan for the Chinese market continues to embrace the original minivan formula with modern enhancements.

The Dodge Caravan stays true to the original design theme, striving for more comfort and convenience. With easy entry and exit; chair-height seating; a low, flat floor; flexible seating options with the Stow 'n Go(TM) seating and storage system; and multiple safety and convenience features, the Dodge Caravan has matured into a pleasant, comfortable and useful vehicle.

The Dodge Caravan is instantly recognizable as a Dodge by its bold styling and distinctive crosshair grille that has become the "face" of Dodge.

The Caravan is the first Dodge vehicle to be built in China, and will be produced at Southeast Motor (SEM), a Chinese auto manufacturer based in Fuzhou, in the Fujian province of southeast China, under a license agreement reached between Chrysler Group and SEM. The Caravan will begin sales in China toward the end of 2007.

"The decision to build the Dodge Caravan in China for the local market is key to being competitive in a country where significant growth opportunities are anticipated for years to come. Our leadership is committed to the expansion of the Dodge brand outside North America, and partnerships such as this one will help us to ensure the brand's success," said Hausch.

Dodge Caliber
With its successful entry into markets around the world, and securing its place as the top-selling Chrysler Group product outside North America this year, the Dodge Caliber now arrives to China. Caliber is a new slant on the C- segment, combining bold styling with high value and utility. The Caliber will appeal to customers who want Dodge attitude packaged with the capability and versatility of a sport-utility type vehicle, plus high fuel efficiency.

Dodge Caliber is a five-door vehicle that combines a sporty coupe-like profile with the strength, stance and functionality of an SUV. Caliber's sheer surface treatment commands attention and evokes attributes that define the Dodge brand: bold, powerful, capable and street smart. Smart engine options, innovative features and high levels of safety and security round out the appealing package.

The new Dodge Caliber will be available for Chinese customers starting in the first quarter of 2008.

Dodge Viper SRT10 and Dodge Avenger
Dodge Viper SRT10 is the ultimate American sports car and the icon of the brand. It offers unbelievable power with stunning performance from its 8.3- liter V-10 engine and instantly recognizable looks.

The Dodge Avenger is an all-new four-door mid-size segment sedan that combines bold, aggressive Dodge styling with power and performance, fuel efficiency, innovative interior features and high levels of safety and reliability.

Both of these vehicles on display at Auto Shanghai 2007 are further tangible proof of the progress of the Chrysler Group product offensive and the great potential for the Dodge brand in China and other international markets.

Dodge Brand
With a U.S. market share of 6 percent, Dodge is the Chrysler Group's best- selling brand and the fifth-largest nameplate in the U.S. automotive market. The Dodge brand has been producing vehicles for over 90 years.

In 2006, Dodge sold more than 1.3 million (1,345,517) vehicles in the global market. The Dodge global portfolio includes a range of cars, trucks, minivans and sport-utility vehicles.

"The expansion of the Dodge brand into our key volume markets outside North America allows us to increase volume while leveraging our established dealer network and distribution structure," said Hausch. "Dodge also appeals to a different type of customer than Chrysler and Jeep(R), and its global expansion will contribute to our sustainable, profitable growth."

With continued strong sales, Dodge leads the Chrysler Group's brands in growth outside North America and could account for approximately 30 percent of Chrysler Group's sales outside North America by the end of 2009.


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Additional info about Soueast-Dodge deal, from China Car times:

Dodge is teaming up with SouEast Motors to bring the Dodge Caliber, and the Dodge Caravan to China. SouEast will also be producing several Dodge models for Dodges China line up, although it is unclear which. Dodge hope to have 60 or more dealers in China by the end of the year. The Chinese appetite for the American automobile is not likely to be quenched anytime soon - GM are making more money in China than they are in their home country. The Chery-Dodge probably wont be affected, several Japanese/Western marks have joint ventures with two or more Chinese partners.

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Chrysler's first Caravan rolled off assembly line in Fujian-based Southeast Motor yesterday, Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency reported today.

Mr.Philip Murtaugh, CEO of Chrysler Asia, referred the production of Dodge Cavaran in China as a "landmark" of Chrysler's global expansion. Last year, the popular Chrysler sold 1.3 million units of Dodge Cavaran world wide.

Cavaran is the first Dodge vehicle produced by the joint venture of Chrysler and Southeast Motors.

Located in Fuzhou city of Fujian province, Southeast Motor was founded by Fujian Automotive Industry Group and the Taiwan-based China Motor Corporation in November 1995. In April 2006, Japanese automaker Mitsubishi joined the partership. Currently Fujian Automotive Industry Group holds 50 percent of stakes, China Motor Corporation 25 percent and Mitsubishi 25 percent.

In September this year, Grand Voyager produced by Southeast Motor and Chrysler went on sales in Chinese market.

Some more pictures of accomodation:

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Southeast seeks closer ties with Chrysler.

May 07, 2008 - Chrysler LLC signed an agreement with Chery Automobile Co. last July to jointly develop, produce and distribute small cars under the Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge brands.

Now another Chinese automaker, Southeast (Fujian) Motor Corp., wants to set up a joint venture with Chrysler.

Ling Yuzhang, chairman of Southeast, says Southeast has already discussed plans with Chrysler on the establishment of a joint venture and is now awaiting replies from the American automaker.

"We think setting up a joint venture is a good idea and we're giving Chrysler time to think it over," says Ling.

Southeast currently has an annual production capacity of 150,000 cars. Ling says, Southeast would be able to quickly expand its capacity if the two sides can decide on forming a joint venture. Says Ling: "We can build a new plant within one year in China."

Southeast currently assembles the Chrysler Grand Voyager and Dodge Caravan for the China market under a licensing agreement with Chrysler.

Meanwhile, it also produces the Mitsubishi-badged Lancer and Galant sedans. Its first self-brand car, the V3 sedan fitted with 1.5-liter engine supplied by Mitsubishi, is expected to hit the China market in the second half of this year.

Southeast sold roughly 60,000 vehicles in 2007, including the Mitsubishi, Chrysler and Southeast models. Ling says sales in 2008 are expected to reach 80,000 units.

Ling says Chrysler would like Southeast to make more cars for the China market under its badges by modifying models developed on its U.S. platforms.

A source with Southeast says the company is also looking to make compact cars and sedans for Chrysler.

Besides assembling more Chrysler's models in China as Southeast is currently doing, Ling says there is another way for the two companies to expand cooperation. "We can make their vehicles in China by leveraging China's competitive costs and export them to the United States," says Ling.

Ling admits that his company has yet to make detailed plans on how to expand cooperation with Chrysler.

Philip Murtaugh, head of Chrysler's Asian operations, showed up at a press conference organized by Southeast at its booth at the recent Beijing auto show. But he declines to specify Chrysler's future cooperation with Southeast.

"We are always looking for Chinese partners and talking to many companies," says Murtaugh.

In addition to Chery and Southeast, Chrysler has contacted other Chinese automakers for possible cooperation since last year.

At a conference organized by Automotive News China in mid-April, Wang Fengying, President Great Wall Motor Co., confirms a group of delegates from Chrysler visited her company in January this year. But she stops short of providing any details on the visit.

A source close to Chongqing Changan Automobile Co. says last year Chrysler talked to Changan about exporting cars based on the company's Benben small car under Chrysler's badge.
source: Automotive News China

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Chrysler puts China operations on backburner.

Although General Motor’s North American operations have been suffering over the last few years, the Detroit automaker has secured itself a steady cash flow thanks to its efforts in China. Chrysler, on the other hand, is struggling in North American and in China, compounding the automaker’s woes. Chrysler’s lack of an established foreign game plan could be catching up with the Michigan automaker as it thins its potentially lucrative Chinese operations.

Chrysler’s Chinese operations have been on the backslide for the last year or two, culminating in the exit of Philip Murtaugh. Murtaugh headed Chrysler’s business in China, but decided to call it quits after just 15 months on the job. Before taking the position with Chrysler, Murtaugh served as chairman of GM China and laid the foundation for GM’s success in China.

In addition to Murtaugh’s departure, Chrysler has also been downsizing its China operations. Chrysler of China has already cut back on its sales and marketing efforts and has suspended recruitment for its engineering and R&D services, according to

One of Chrysler’s biggest problems in China is the lack of a domestic partnership. Chrysler forged early relationships with China’s Chery and Great Wall Automobile Group, but nothing every materialized out of either. As a result, Chrysler has a very weak Chinese manufacturing base, resulting in annual sales of about 20,000 units. As a comparison, GM sold over 1 million vehicles in China last year.

As Chrysler’s financial situation worsens in the U.S., there is little hope for the improvement of its China operations. As a result, Chrysler will continue to fall behind its domestic and foreign rivals, making a full on competitive revival of the company more of a long-shot rather than a sure bet.
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