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this is totally the old Mitsubishi Lancer
i've been seeing its ads all over the papers, how much is it?!!
and and is it available with automatic transmision here too?!!

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Interior with fake wood and leather looks ok, I always liked the rear of the Lancer this is based on so design wise its good, the front looks like a Rover 45 with that grill.

6/10 Overall :)

2003 Lioncel

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its really nice car...i have drive at once in this car...that time I am thing I am at out of the World.
This company was chosen to manufacture the locally designed 4wd jeeps which replaced outdated American off-roaders and the Russian GAZ. The Beijing BJ210 and its bigger brother, the BJ212 became the standard military vehicles for decades to come.
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Hi Suman:
Welcome to the Chinese Car Forum. It's nice to see you have an interest in Chinese made vehicles.
With regard to the jeeps, I think you have this company confused with another. Have a look under the section "Beijing Auto Industry Holding".
The Soueast company has been manufacturing mainly Mitsubishi-based sedans and minivans and lately Sprinter vans as well. But no jeeps to my knowledge.
If you are interested in jeeps and off-roaders you will find a bunch of threads in here dealing with them.

Lioncel in Ukraine:

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This car found we have in Egypt, but no new a similar Balmitsubiy Lancer
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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