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Mitsubishi Lancer put on special offer in China.

July 7, 2008 - Fujian-based Southeast Motor, a Chinese partner of Mitsubishi Motors, announced last Friday that the Mitsubishi Lancer sedans made by their joint venture will be put on special offer, with as much as 11,000 yuan ($1,603) off the original price.

The Mitsubishi Lancer is a flagship sedan model of Southeast Motor and once contributed to more than 60% of the Chinese carmaker's all sedan sales. After it's put on special offer, the cheapest Lancer manual comfort model will be available for 84,800 yuan. A customer who buys a made by Southeast Motor-made Mitsubishi Lancer or Galand car will have a 3,980 yuan GPS navigation device as a giveaway.

Southeast Motor, 25% owned by Mitsubishi, now produces the previous Lancer sedan, the Soveran wagon and the Galant sedan under the Mitsubishi brand. Sales of the three models in 2007 were 36,734 units. Mitsubishi is counting on the redesigned Lancer to boost its flat sales in China.

The imported new generation of Lancer Evolution sedan will go on sale in China this autumn. Meanwhile, two more versions of the redesigned Lancer -- a family car and a sporty model -- will be assembled in Fujian next year.

And article about stretched Lancer:


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Hi Martin_krpan, No doubt this is your thread as you have posted a lot of pics of Lancer. Other than that it seems that you are a very big fan of this car i,e you like this very much as the photos are itself giving the proof. You really have posted great pics of Lancer showing different versions regarding color, size, style and pose. In fact I am also a great admirer of this car.Thanks for posting these photos here.
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