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Soueast V4 (V3 Lingyue hatchback)

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Soueast will present hatchback version of V3 sedan which is based on previous generation of Mitsubishi Lancer. The car will bear the name V4:

Shanghai Auto Show first exposed southeast of the first hatchback car spy Zhao V4!

October 23, 2008 to 59,800 yuan low starting as a selling point of the South East Automotive V3 Yuet Ling officially listed on this based on the older generation of Chinese-made Mitsubishi Lancer own brand of entry-level compact sedan class listing the past six months has made good market performance, in January 2009 sales in 3280 and also as evidence of this entry-level compact-class car market strategy's success. V3 at Yuet Ling-selling At the same time, the South East Automotive is also pressing ahead with the south-east V Series models own brand of R & D job. And last year Beijing auto show concept cars displayed during the variety of forward-looking design is different from this year's Shanghai auto show begin, the South East car on V Series models will be displayed one after another.

Southeast of motor vehicles in accordance with the naming rules, the future of its own brand cars will be classified as V series, one of "V + odd" that the sedan version of model, "V + even," said the hatchback version of the corresponding models. The exclusive auto exposure Sohu South East Yuet Ling hatchback version of the test car spy photos, is about to start at the Shanghai auto show on the south-east of the new V4. This is Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) the first real vehicle spy according to the exposure!

According to terms from the spy, Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) before the face shape and the listing in October last year, three-box version of V3 is slightly different, the South East car in order to allow consumers easier distinction Yuet Ling's hatchback / sedan car type, at Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) front bumper, grille intake, Logo position and shape up before the headlamps group have carried out a number of improvements and upgrading. Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) Logo positions are moved closer to the engine intake grille cover the top (similar to Camry's Logo location), at the same time may be canceled in the sedan version of the home decorative chromium plating, the inlet air grid gate is also turned into a black inverted trapezoidal mesh structure.

Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) is also the former headlamps and fog lamps have been redesigned on the southeast car at V4 circular fog lamps using the design of the headlamps at the same time reduce the group size. From the test vehicle according to the spy, the newly designed Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) headlamps Group modeling and old Fox is quite similar and more prominent characteristics of hatchback version of the sport.

Yuet Ling because V4 (HS version) and like the sedan version of V3 from the old domestic Lancer platform, so the outline of the body of the vehicle on the side, V4 and V3 are basically the same, but because of the reasons for hatchback version, V4 at the design of column C on and V3 has been noticeably different, because the car failed to capture Sohu V4 test vehicle's rear spy photos, so the V4 group, such as the rear taillight design details yet unknown, may be the only answer, such as April 20 Shanghai Auto Show can be announced.

As an entry-level compact-class hatchback sedan, southeast Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) has some unique competitive advantages, such as from the old Lancer chassis and suspension technology, a wealth of configuration and low price, power connection, V4 and V3 will also be carrying the same 1.5-liter engine, in the enjoyment of the acquisition of tax concessions, while the maximum power of 81 kilowatts at the same displacement engine also belong to upper level.

On the other hand, self-brand models in a number of security configuration on the same level compared to the joint venture brand models are also more "honest and kind." It has been learned, such as four-wheel disc, etc. belong to the southeast Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) Department-wide standard, for a Price range 6-90000 at the entry-level hatchback cars run, or rather cost-effective advantage.

Yue Ling is expected to V4 (HS version) will be released at the Shanghai auto show, the mass production models may be listed in the third quarter of this year, because of the cost of similar, so Yuet Ling V4 (HS version) the price after the listing will also be the basic and now the V3 balanced Yuet Ling. According to the current sales momentum this year, the South East Automotive Ling Yuet series (V3, V4) of the annual total sales of 60,000 breakthrough possibility is very great.

Southeast V3 Lingyue:
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