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as i know 2.2 gasoline engine is still avalaible in china in most of models of SUV,PICK UP's,light trucks and vans

those engines are based on toyota 4y engine and in china usually have mark 491Q, now every company have their own code, this engine usually have between 70-80 kw, some of them are carburator versions and new engines have MPI sistem, emission is euro 2 or euro 3

i have couple of vehciles from great wall motor which had this engine, models deer and safe ( vehicles based on old models of toyota hilux and 4 runner) and this engine work quite good, very simple for repair, low cost of maitance, work very good also on cold weather...but they have only one problem, big fuel consuption, between 10 or 12 liters on normal driving and from 12 to 16 on off road and highway driving, here we i live we solve that with installation of LPG sistem which is much cheaper than gasoline

here is a photo of that engine,this have 78 kw
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