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Real_I_Hate_China said:
Locally sourced steel is good enough for Chinese domestic market vehicles. Imported steel sheet must be used for US and EU market vehicles.
I agree that the Chinese steel is generally of inferior quality but what is the actual difference between the two?

Its not the plant used to make it:

"More than 600 Chinese workers are in the German town of Dortmund to dismantle a huge disused steel works to be transferred to China for reconstruction.

Bit by bit they are taking down the 250,000-ton steel mill so that it can be transported to China and re-built at a site north of Shanghai.

Like pieces of a giant jigsaw, the parts are meticulously marked and coded, ready to be re-assembled 9,000 kilometres (6,000 miles) away.
The extraordinary project is part of China's efforts to meet demand for steel from the country's booming construction industry.

The Dortmund plant was closed last spring after its owners, Thyssen Krupp, decided it was unprofitable.


They were astonished when the Chinese offered to buy it, but will not reveal how much for.
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