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I am looking for a long term partnership with a Chinese company who is currently in the automotive retail sector in China. We are a reputable exotic and sports car tuner in the USA. We are factory certified with BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini North America. We are not looking to export cars to China but to bring our expertise in tuning existing exotics and sports cars in China. There are plenty of avenues to buy a vehicle in China but not a single shop can tune a world class one of a kind exotic and sports car.

We are looking for an exotic and sports car dealership who is looking to expand their business by incorporating an auto salon in their existing sales platform.

Imaging being able to offer these type of monster upgrades to your R35 Nissan GTR that can beat a Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini customers.

2012 R35 GTR Premium
1140 whp @27psi c16 fuel
1500 whp @34psi c16 fuel
850 6hp on 91 pump gas
8.96 sec. @169.8 mph 1/4 mile

COBB AccessPORT engine management with transmission control
LC-4 Launch control
3 boost levels for pump fuel
3 boost levels for C-16 race fuel
Motors and transmission by Speed for Sale
Turbo Kit modification and Tuning by Cobb Tuning
4.1 liter stroker motor – sleeved. - built by "speed for sale"
HKS intake
AMS 4.1 bar map sensors
HKS boost tubes
AAM engine oil cooler
Greddy turbo kit with cast manifold – FP upgraded turbo
Custom 3” downpipe
Dual Tial 44mm wastegates with internal reroute
SSP Polished Aluminum Coolant tank reservoir
Samco blue intercooler hoses
CP Pistons
Carillo Rods
Darton sleeves
Jun type 0 high lift camshafts
Ferrera Full Valvetrain
Dotson Thermostat
Air pump delete
Grimspeed 3 port Boost Solenoid with -4 AN aeroquip line

Fuel system
AAM fuel rails
ID 2000cc injectors
AAM fuel system – dual Aeromotive 340 pumps
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

Transmission - Built by Speed for Sale (Authorized Dotson Dealer and installer)
PPG straight cut 1st through 6th gear
SSP transmission cooler
Dotson FWD gears and output shaft
Dotson Clutch pack (highest tq available)
Full Dotson seal upgrade kit
Upgraded Dotson transmission pump
Dotson Clutch Shim kit
Dotson Circlip upgrade

HKS super finisher rear diffuser
OEM JDM carbon/clear side markers
Titec carbon fiber grill inserts
Mine's Carbon Fiber Gloss front
Mine's Carbon Fiber Gloss hood
Mine's Carbon Fiber Gloss rear muffler surrounds
PWJDM Carbon Fiber Engine
PWJDM Carbon Fiber Engine Cooling
PWJDM Carbon Fiber Engine Compartment covers
PWJDM Ultimate front lips with brake cooling ducts
Wald International Black Bison body kit

Tecnocraft Carbon Fiber seats
PWJDM rear carbon fiber seat delete
5 point harness

Cobb Sway bars
Dymag Carbon Magnesium wheels – 20X9.5 and 20X11.5 (possibly 1 of 2 in the world)
RE-888 tires
Alcon ceramic Big brake Kit
JRZ silent pro coilover
Swift Pro Springs

Please send me a message. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese. I will be in Shanghai early June.


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