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I don't think anyone had any thoughts about marketing advantages when Chery chose that name. But rather in the Chinese cultural tradition they favored a name that embodied good luck.
The name in Chinese is as Erudite li said, 奇 瑞 and the pinyin spelling is
"Qi rui" which the company realized would never fly in the global marketplace.

For those of us who lean on translation aids to read Chinese we find that it's often translated "Wonderful Swiss" because the second character is the one used for the word Switzerland or 瑞士 (Ruishi in the pinyin spelling).

Interstingly 奇迹 qiji means miracle, and 奇怪 qiguai means strange

In twenty years I think the company will still be referred to as Chery and pronounced like the cherry fruit, by English speaking folks at least.
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