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I am a British styling designer with over 40 years experience in all areas of transportation design - I wish to offer my services and professional help to Chinese OEM companies.

Through my long experience with a respected British automotive development company I can offer a full design service ranging from concept sketch program to models, engineering and prototype build - I can provide budget costs and timing program for a project and personally manage it.

I am working with the Hong Kong PolyUniversity and there is also a small office in Wan Chai district of HK, although I am based in England.



Concept sketches and high quality finished renderings prepared for client management selection -
( exterior and interior design rendering examples shown.)

I can present in person and help in the selection process if required ; - or the concept work can be sent to the client for management internal discussion and selection ( the work can be sent digitally if the client has the means to copy effectively.)

Scale and full size exterior models and full size fully finished interior models - also ergonomic package – seating bucks etc.


Feasability engineering support for concept styling design, also full engineering development as required –
(a range of CAD systems including C3P 5DRC IDEAS and CATEA - all systems are fully IGES and ISDN compatible ) - engineering work sent digitally to client.

PROTOTYPES - Prototype build ( driveable ) and show cars.

PRODUCTION - Jigs and fixtures for production process etc. Limited production runs may also be possible.


Please note: these services are available separately or together, and a comprehensive budget cost estimate and program timing chart to your particular needs supplied upon your request.

Mention your special or technological needs and I can probably organise contacts or supply a service.

High quality automotive photography etc. also available.

My personal work history and CV is available upon clients request.


- etc.

CONTACT : [email protected]

U.K. office : Worthing, West Sussex. - China office : Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

( if the reader works for a Chinese vehicle manufacturer, please copy and inform your management of the availability of my service - thank you.)

The “Arrow” - a 5 seat GT style saloon car… This design is unusual in several distinct ways : the main body is conventionally built of steel pressings spotwelded together, but the upper parts ( roof, “A” posts, screen.) are bench assembled separately and bolted into the main structure at final assembly.

This roof structure consists of two hydroformed aluminium tubes (“A” post-cantrail ) which are fastened to another alum. “U” shaped internal roll-over frame; then the front screen is bonded in place, then the front and rear sliding glass roofs are fitted plus roof finisher panels and a powered sliding sun visor header unit is fitted.

The whole construction is jig assembled to close tolerances; the tube structure carries a wiring loom and when connected to the heater-aircon can direct air around the cabin through suitable slots in the tubes.. the motorised units are then connected and bench tested.

Aluminium finish is standard ( powder coating paint ) and the protective cage is left exposed as a feature of the interior design.

In addition the safety aspect is enhanced by incorporating “Pepalls patent” into the steel body, a patented integral crossbeam structure which provides greatly increased strength
across the vehicle to protect from side impact while also providing internal space for part of the hybrid motive power system ( or fuel cell etc.) -- this location also helps to centralise the weight and improve balance and handling.

The bonnet is of lightweight black plastic incorporating bonnet air outlets and the upper air intake in the moulding: two light alum. Pressings cap the bonnet sides to visually integrate with the cabin structure - the bumper is also made of two large plastic mouldings, centrally jointed.

In the rear hatch are the stoplights and turn indicators, which are lightweight LED units mounted behind the rear screen glass for protection and easy cleaning – therefore, when the rear hatch is in open position there is maximum unimpeded access.

G.E.Pepall. Oct. 2006.


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Your design incorporates many nice ideas which everybody has been asking for for ages like... plastic bonnets.

If I can make suggestions:

Rear bumper diffuser.
Rear lights shouldn't obstruct rear vision.
Sharper front pillar for pedestrians and aerodynamism.
Front is too reminescent of the Ford Mondeo, AU Falcon, Focus which sold well in very few markets.

But that's me and my tastes... and I think that you're coming to the right market at the right time. Good luck!
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