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Hi Incon,

I am also in the market for a Chinese car in Uruguay. Not sure yet what to buy, but prioritizing fuel efficiency, quality and low price in that order. Let me know what you find.

I cannot wait to see the used car market to plummet when all these cheap and good cars enter to play. Used cars are amazingly expensive in Uruguay!

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Hi people! Greetings from Russia!

I own FAW Vita (C1) since december 2007. I am admin of our russian "FAW Vita Club" forum - www . faw - vita . ru

Faw Vita is on sale in Russia since july 2007 - one year. All I can say - it`s the best chinese car selling in Russia in 9000-13000 USD

We have in our market:
Chery Amulet - a lot of troubles in use and bad crash-test results
Geely Otaka - the same as Chery Amulet
Chery QQ- good car, IMHO small
Lifan Breeze - a new model, half-done, a lot of complains
BYD F3 - the same as Lifan Breeze
Other chineese cars is not popular in our country and you rarely find them on our streets
And finally my FAW Vita

1) reliability - the technical part of our forum is nearly empty (more about tuning or just empty flood). We know several troubles, the same for every FAW Vita
2) Faw Vita needs 6,4 litres/100km of 92-gas with 90kmh/2500-3000turns per min
3) Good dynamics (movement) and ergonomics
4) Toyota reserve parts compatible

1) Rust in several places on 1-1/2 year cars
here`s the one of our forum theme (with foto)
www . faw-vita . ru / viewtopic.php?f=12&t=23&st=0&sk=t&sd=a
2) Bad FAW water pump for front glass. We all remove it and replace with Toyota pump.
3) Bad provision with reserve parts in Russia
4) Several small problems, that can be fixed in one visit in service

Finally, my IMHO - FAW Vita is a good car and I don`t plan to sell it for more 2-3 years.

Best Regards from Russia!

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Hi Janek
Thank you for that very enlightening feedback on the Chinese products exported to your country.
Good luck with your Vita. I like the styling but I wish FAW would follow the standards of its partner, Toyota, when it coats the body.
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