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Hangzhou Qiulong Technology Co., Ltd was set up on December, 2014. It aims to build high performance electric motorcycles and bikes, and popularize the riding of electric motorcycles and bikes.
At the first beginning, with 30 million CNY registration fund, 40-person R&D team, we start to explore the philosophy between the motorcycles and life, and do the R&D for eco-friendly smart electric motorcycles and traffic tools.
We established 2 teams to work both in Chongqing, which is capital for traditional Chinese motorcycle and automobile industries, and Hangzhou, which is the capital for Chinese E-commerce.
​The team in Hangzhou will do the R&D for the smart system, and the team in Chongqing will do the R&D for entire vehicle. But 2 teams also well work together to track, collect and analyze the data of user experience, and improve the design and R&D for the smart system and entire vehicle to build a high quality and performance vehicle for users.


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