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coche said:
the car is very old , but the design is not that bad.. in fact i really like it
Yes, Coche, I guess we could say the same about the Porsche 911.

When you've got something good stick with it.

Some manufacturers in China may be in danger of going overboard in an attempt to chase after novelty.

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End of production of Alto.

October 10, 2008 -The Suzuki Alto was one of the first affordable kei cars (or Wei Cars) to hit the Chinese roads, the first generation of Alto was introduced quite early, and silently ended production in July this year due to falling sales. The Alto initially sold very well in the Chinese market place, but sales growth was quickly stunted in the east of China, but continued to grow in inland cities.

Chang’an Suzuki have an inventory of 5000 Alto’s on hand which will be sold by the end of the year, and furthermore, a supply of parts will be continued for the next ten years.

The new Suzuki Alto which was unveiled last week in Paris, is expected to be produced in China by September 2009, giving Chang’an Suzuki yet another car to add to their line up.

Chang’an Suzuki curently offer the SX4, Swift, and the aging Suzuki Cultus/Swift saloon from 1983, as well as the various imported Suzuki SUV range. Suzuki are also expected to introduce the Suzuki Splash into China as well.

source: China Car Times

Alto 0.8:
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