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The Haiyen (Sea Swallow) SW710 was introduced in 1966 by the Shanghai Mini-Auto Works. There was a 4x1 and a 4x2 version. The car was driven by a 1-cylinder 298cc engine, s small batch was made, I have one photo on which you can count 7 cars. One car was exhibited for years in the Shanghai Industrial Exhibition Hall. The blue is the only car left (as far as we know), it was in very poor condition and the engine was completely missing. The owner installed a Lifan motorcycle engine.
The other three cars in the same article, the black and white photos:
left the open Haiyen CK730, February 1959, 65 were made
middle the Puke 580, made by the Shanghai Bus Works, October 1958
right the Shanghai SK720, from the Shanghai Bus Works, 1979. 30 were made, the engine was the Changjiang side-valve motorcycle engine (750 cc).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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