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About Tayo Auto

Tayo-auto is a fast developing brand specialising in pickup marketing. The brand has successfully exported around 8,000 pickups throughout the African Continent mostly in North and West Africa. Our success rests in following our philosophy of integrity, accountability, innovation and transparency to achieve continuous growth in this ever demanding industry. Tayo-auto is gradually gaining a good reputation as a result of stable quality and excellent performance.

We constantly adopt a policy to work closely with our distributors in order to enhance quality and performance and accordingly adapting to the countries respective requirements. Being flexible is enabling us to achieve important market shares throughout Africa. Our ever increasing standards and enhanced specifications is gradually allowing us to get even closer to renowned multi-national pickups manufacturers/brands.
Our networking, from marketing to logistics enables us to reach territories were other companies fail to cover. We can proudly say that this is another contributing factor to our rapid and constant growth levels.


Hiland (Zhongxing Admiral):

Grand Hiland (Grandtiger):

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