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Techrules is a new automotive research and development company based in Beijing, China. Its mission is to develop automotive powertrain technologies with exceptional range-extending capabilities and make it available to all vehicle manufacturers, to help next generation vehicles be more efficient, more environmentally-friendly, easier to use and deliver a better user experience.

Techrules is a subsidiary of Txr-S, a research and development as well as an investment company which has other subsidiaries operating in the fields of powertrain development, biogas production and aerospace.


Techrules presented AT96 TREV in 2016 and REN luxury EV concept last year.
At 2018 Geneva show the company exhibited high-performance Ren RS concept with a 28.4 kWh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery and with two motors at the front and four at the rear, delivering maximum power of 960kW with a range of 1.170 km from 80 litres of diesel fuel.

More about AT96:


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