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The Best Chinese Copycats of 2006 !

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Below the best chinese copycat in this year! Unfortunately, I need 10 post first!



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GWM still insists that thier PeriPeri was thier design !

its like growing your hair , tanning ur skin , move like Ronaldinho and tell him in the face " I AM RONALDINHO " , sad :p .
The Best Chinese Copycats this Year !
everything:( :mad:
god_bless_japan said:
everything:( :mad:
I disagree. Besides the F8, I think the best ones are the ones that are badly copied. :D :D
This is nothing new...before china there was japan and taiwan. The moto was 'you make it and we'll copy it!' Imitation is the best form of flattery.
Case in point.....even in the 21st century Nissan and Toyota covet BMW old taillight design.....


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First they copy and then they perfection it. Just like the Japanese did.
Raul said:
First they copy and then they perfection it. Just like the Japanese did.

very positive thinking and very diplomatic!!

best quote on here!!
I'm pretty sure the Sante Fe clone is made under license.
In a Chinese article I saw there were pictures of both the Sante Fe and the Shuguang.
My Chinese reading skills aren't up to much, but unless it is made under license I doubt there would be a pic of the original.
Is there anyone kind enough to advise what are the china manufacturer making right hand drive vehicles:)
Sorry Trivia Tim, no license from anyone, just making their "own" design. The pic of the Hyundai is just to compare it.
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