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The korean girls from Pusan motor show

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tell if you want more....;) just, too lazy to post it more...

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yeap, I heard of it

BringIt said:
Korean girls are famous for their plastic surgury and makeup... but hey, they come out great!
I heard of it from people, who never have been Korea. When I told them, I haven't seen people who had the surgery. They told me how I would know if they don't tell. :) In that case, I could not say anymore as they thought my eye was not good enough to catch it. Well, the interesting survey was released sometime ago from something like the cosmetic surgery oraganization. In Asia, Korea marked 4th for the cosmetic surgery. I think 1st was Japan and Taiwan,Hongkong for 2,3rd. :rolleyes:

No hard feeling, just sometime people confuse between the gossip and the fact :thumb:
Oh.... but I do agree on the Makeup stuff.......
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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