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The korean girls from Pusan motor show

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tell if you want more....;) just, too lazy to post it more...

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Real_I_Hate_China said:
For stuffs like lyposuction and breast implants, China makes a perfect sense. But you don't ever want a Chinese surgeon to do your face.
Yah, totally agree with u. They R copycats and you dont want to see a bunch of people look just like you on the street. :nod:

But You dont want a korean surgeon to work on your face either because you will most likely end up with a round, flat face with mini-eyes, a typical korean pumpkin face. :lol:

Real_I_Hate_China said:
Of course you won't mind looking like another person if the other person happens to be a movie star.
Hmmm... is this why identity theft so rampant in korea???

Real_I_Hate_China said:
Actually it is the other way around. These surgeons are worth every coin you spend. It is just that I don't have $100K lying around to get one of those famous movie star makeover.
If u did, who would u rather wanna be?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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