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The korean girls from Pusan motor show

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tell if you want more....;) just, too lazy to post it more...

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I remember reading some news article about certain Chinese woman, a daughter of a wealthy businessman, getting divorced after giving birth to a daughter. Husband thought that she had an affair as the daughter looked like neither him or her. He did an investigation and found out that his ugly duckling wife went to Korea and had a total make over surgery at the cost of $100K, and returned home a stunner prior to their meeting.

Why wealthy Chinese women prefer to have their surgery done in Korea instead of China

A Chinese plastic surgeon admits Chinese surgeons cannot match Korean surgeons on facial surgery
Um, your links only says plastic surgury in China is 1/3 the cost of Korea... ?
Feng Bin, director of a well-known plastic surgery hospital in Beijing, commented that Chinese plastic surgeons lag South Korean professionals in terms of partial plastic surgeries
For stuffs like lyposuction and breast implants, China makes a perfect sense. But you don't ever want a Chinese surgeon to do your face.
They R copycats and you dont want to see a bunch of people look just like you on the street.
Of course you won't mind looking like another person if the other person happens to be a movie star.

These plastic surgeons mentioned are true masters of their trade, you would be amazed by the quality of their work. Definitely worth every yuan you spend.

But You dont want a korean surgeon to work on your face either because you will most likely end up with a round, flat face with mini-eyes, a typical korean pumpkin face.
Actually it is the other way around. These surgeons are worth every coin you spend. It is just that I don't have $100K lying around to get one of those famous movie star makeover.
Hmmm... is this why identity theft so rampant in korea???
It's not an id theft since the facial design belongs to the surgeon.

Each one of these plastic surgery clinics in Korea have their own standardized facial designs, much like high-priced designer goods. You happen to look like certain movie star after coming out of a clinic? No problem, it simply means you and he/she went to same clinic. Is that a problem? Not really, since you are now good looking either way.
so the bottom line is, as long as it looks good nothing else matters.
A definition of "modern beauty" is narrow and strict; hence most beauties are lookalikes.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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