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This is funny , well if you know ZAP , a company that provides 100% ELECTRIC vechiles to a large portion of the world , and lately in the USA .

it has a very similar look to the Chery QQ Tok Tok a user once posted here , I thought I'd share this .

This is not by all means the chery qq , its an electric TOK TOK vechile made in CHINA !

While I am not sure the imported models to the US are actualy made in china , but ZAP has a joint venture in china since 2006 .

Sep 27, 2006 -- ZAP (NYSE Arca: ZP), Zero Air Pollution, announced today it has signed an agreement to form a joint venture with China auto manufacturer Shandong Jindalu Vehicle Company Ltd. The joint venture involves designing and manufacturing of a new generation of low cost advanced transportation vehicles that run efficiently on gas, electricity, ethanol and other advanced technologies and fuels.
Picture of the ZAP xero

ZAP Xebra :

Dominos Pizza using the Zab :

the chinese joint venture :

I wish someone repost that Chery QQ so we can compare it :p
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