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Chery: first model will be sold in the latter half of 2008 or the earlier half of 2009

Bricklin,who establishes his “visional vehicles” auto company now is bargaining on final agreement of joint venture company,chery will have 60% stock and visional will have 40%.Bricklin says he hope to sign the agreement before latter Oct or early Dec.

Visional vehicle will introduce 20 models in 5 years,in latter 2008 or earlier 2009 the first model will be sold and other 4 models will be on show.from then on,he plans to bring in one new model every 3 months.”I belive that we will complete to sell 150,000 cars first year! ”Bricklin is still confident,”If we could make work better,we will win this game!”

MG:there will be sold in May or June 2008

In July,China Nanjing auto declared to appoint Hale and founded MG North America/Europe company and planed to introduce into the famous British brand and it’s sport car.

Halt says,two-seat coupe will first be introduced in Britain and other European countries in the second or third season of 2007,other cars will be produce only from 2008 and until to May or June in 2008 the USA market will sell.he indicated,at that time, there will be 300-350 dealers in the USA,MG will classified importer and dealer.

Geely: come back in one year

In Jan this year,Geely attended Detroit motor show for the first time to show that it is of confidence and determination to enter the USA market.but the CK model, which is planed to introduced to the USA market firstly,is not so popular with American.then Geely sent several cheap cars to the USA for testing,.but CK model can’t meet safety & emission standard. It obviously put off Geely to enter the USA market.
But Geely indicated ,before 2009,it will release a new model of middle size to enter the USA market again.

by jikki :)
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